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Being a New Jersey family photographer I LOVE photographing families and the bigger the family is the more fun it is!  I was very excited when this Mom reached out to me about doing an extended family session in Saddle River.  There were three kids, six adults and LOTS of laughter, tickles and good time.  These guys don’t get together often – they live half the world apart, but it seems like when they do, they have a blast together.

As I do for all of Signature family sessions, to make sure that we have a nice variety of images (and to make the session fun) we broke it up and spent part of the session in their beautiful backyard and another part – inside their house.  And of course, when you change locations, you might as well change your outfits, which is what the kids did!  They laughed, twirled, colored and even turned into a pair of super heros!   I think they had fun:)

2015-07-16 Lin Family_0013_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0016_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0018_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0021_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0024_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0027_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0028_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0038_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0053_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0059_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0062_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0073_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0076_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0079_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0086_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0092_WEB2015-07-16 Lin Family_0095_WEB

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This beautiful little girl (and her equally beautiful Mom) came to visit me at my brand new Ridgewood photo studio!  I think this kid has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen – they sparkle!

Ridgewood photography studio

2015-07-09 Annie_2_WEB2015-07-09 Annie copy_WEB

Our natural light photography studio is located in the heart of Bergen County – in Ridgewood.  It is bright and spacious and is a great (and safe!) place to photograph your baby or toddler.  An award-winning professional photographer and in business since 2008, Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is known throughout Bergen County and Northern New Jersey for her lifestyle approach to family and children photo sessions and for producing beautiful and timeless photographs.

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Bergen County holiday photos

As a New Jersey professional photographer I am a member of a number of photography communities.   One of my favorite ones, ClickinMoms, wanted me to write for their very popular feature called ‘My Favorite Things’.  If you know me, you know that once I like something I want all my friends to learn and try <insert whatever new-cool-thing/gadget/location/restaurant/etc I’ve discovered) so of course I was happy to oblige!   You can see my feature on ClickinMoms here or you can just scroll below and read it here:)

1. Traveling (and eating!) my way through the world

Seeing the world with my favorite people – namely my husband and my twin girls is definitely on the top of my list.  We are big world travellers (have been to over 50 countries) and I am so happy that our 7 year old daughters share this passion of ours.  I just love exploring new places, taking in new smells and sounds and of course experiencing new cultures through food!   Food just might be my favorite part about travel☺


2. Ona Capri Camera Bag

I admit that I am HUGE bag person – I have more bags that I care to admit. I remember once I was on a quest for a particular limited edition Coach bag for a week – checking for it online, on eBay and calling every store within a 40 mile radius from me – till I finally got it.  When I had my kids I was obsessed with diaper bags – I almost want to have another baby so that I can buy a new Petunia Pickle Bottom bag☺   And of course when I became a photographer my bag obsession turned to camera bags.  I think I own every camera bag that’s out there and I love them all.  But my favorite by far is my Ona Leather Capri.  It is a STUNNING bag – made out of weathered Italian leather (that according to my husband just looks ‘old’ but what does he know!) and it is a perfect size.  It is large enough to fit a camera body with two lenses (including my giant 70-200 mm) but small enough to be used as an every day out-and-about bag.

I promise, I am not a paid salesperson for Ona, I just love it so much!

3. UFC Gym

I’ve tried so many gyms but my current favorite is UFC.  Before joining, I did not think such intense workouts were even possible – think boxing, burpies, sprints, pushups, crunches and everything in between.   In the beginning of each class times seems to crawl, each minute feels like an hour and making it to the end of a class seems like an impossible task.  But the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the class is amazing and I come back day after day after day☺


4. Bruno Acampora Musc Perfume Oil

Bruno Acapora Musc Perfume oil is my absolutely favorite perfume and it is my ‘signature’ scent during winter months.  It is earthy, spicy and so memorable!   Years ago the only place where you could get it was from their store in Milan, Italy!   I remember having to make an international phone call and my husband, who speaks Spanish and some French but not much Italian, explaining to the sales people what I wanted to order – in VERY broken Italian.  Another time my parents, who were on vacation in Italy, had to find this little store during their travels and buy me a bottle.  But now you don’t need to go to such great lengths to get it because it is available online!


5. Spring

I LOVE spring – it is my absolutely favorite season!  I love warm sunny days after cold New Jersey winters, I love running outside without having to put on 10 layers to be warm, I love how nature wakes up from long winter’s sleep and everything burst with colors; I love planting flowers and picking lilac from my own lilac tree in front of my house.  And the fact that my birthday is in April makes spring even better☺


6. Camera Creatures

I always have one in my camera bag and bring it out at pretty much every session with a baby or a toddler.   I put it on my lens and its bright color and loud squeaky sounds (it has a built-in squeaker,) grab kids attention.  And what’s even better is that they look directly at my camera, which allows me to capture amazing images!

7. Mac Cosmetics Face Brush

I bought this  Mac Duo Fibre Face Brush years ago and to this day it is my absolute favorite makeup brush.  Originally I bought it to apply a mineralize powder – that powder has been long gone now but I still use the brush.  I use it to apply my blush – it applies it evenly and feels so nice and smooth!


8. J Crew Lady Day Coat

This is the best coat I’ve ever had!  I love this coat so much that when the first one I bought got old, I bought another one.  The fit is so flattering, it is very light (but surprisingly warm) and I LOVE bright colors it comes in – my first one was baby blue and the new one is bright yellow.  I get a compliment on it every single time I wear it!  And wearing a bright yellow coat makes me happy even on cold grey fall days☺


9. PixleFlash 3.0 Card Reader

I LOVE this card reader!  It is fast and it does not have any pins inside, which means that there are no pins that can get bent!  And that means that you don’t need to buy a replacement card reader every few months (which is what I used to do before I discovered this one!).  I’ve had it for several years now and it works as great as ever!

Flash Drive_WEB

10. New York City

I want to start this by saying that I mean no disrespect to other cities and I am just stating my (very passionate) opinion☺

Recently my husband and I had a long discussion on the position of NYC as the best city in the world.  We both came to a conclusion that no other city even comes close to NYC.  Yes London and Paris are great cultural centers, Hong Kong and Tokyo are exotic, Sydney is cosmopolitan, Cape Town is picturesque, Prague and Buenos Aires are beautiful but having visiting all of them I don’t think they stand a chance against NYC.

I love the energy and diversity, the grit and beauty, the smells and sounds, the people and traffic, and all little nooks and crannies that this amazing city has to offer.  And of course it is an amazing place to take pictures!

We’ve lived in New York for 15 years before moving out to the suburbs after we had kids.  We still come to the city with our girls (and sometimes for a nice weekend get-away without kids) and I love it as much as ever!


I am known throughout Bergen County for my lifestyle on-location family photography – I just love creating beautiful family portraits for families all over New Jersey.  But having had my natural light photography studio in Ridgewood for two years now, I have to say that I enjoy studio photography as well.

My new photography studio is located in Ridgewood and is absolute STUNNING – I’ve received compliments on it from every single person who saw it – I show it off every chance I get:)  It is huge and natural light there is gorgeous!  I’ve had several photoshoots there already and love shooting there – it is a great place for to photograph newborns, babies and kids of all ages.

A few days ago I met and photographed this stunning girl at the studio – this was her first professional photoshoot but she was a natural in front of the camera!   She has the most amazing eyes with some of the longest eye lashes I’ve seen!  I was my silly old self at the session and at the end of the photoshoot she told me that I was ‘a pretty funny person’.  For someone who strives to make each and every session fun, this was one of the highest compliments I could ask for:)

And if you want to have beautiful professional images like these of YOUR children now is a great time to schedule a studio photo session because you can take advantage of my Christmas in July promotion: book and hold a new Signature or a Simplicity Session by August 31 and receive a set of custom designed holiday cards with your order!  Don’t forget to mention ‘Christmas in July’ when booking your session.

2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0003 B&W_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0007_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0010_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0011_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0014_WEB

2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0016_WEB

2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0027_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0029_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0034_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0041_WEB2015-07-09 Kendall Van Putten Vink_0042_WEB

One of the top Bergen County photography studios, Live Love Laugh Photos is located in Ridgewood, right on the border with Hohokus.  It is just a few minutes away from Saddle River and Upper Saddle River and it is a great place for family and children photography.  In business since 2008, Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos has been creating beautiful authentic portraits for clients from New Jersey and NYC metro area for many years.

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