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Can I just say how much I LOVE photographing expecting mammas-to-be at my Ridgewood photography studio?  My Studio mini-maternity sessions are perfect for capturing pregnant mammas and excepting Dads.

I knew I would hit it off with this family from the emails we’ve exchanges – she was sweet, funny and so easy going. And when I met her adoring husband at their maternity photo session I knew that we would have a blast.  And while the major focus of the session was on sunning Ms. L. he was cheering her from the sidelines and helping me move the furniture in the studio to achieve different looks:)

And she asked if we could get non-traditional creative maternity images, something that they would not be able to do at home (and need a professional photographer to do) and images that they can look at and say ‘that’s a cool maternity image!’   And I was more than happy to oblige!   We got many different shots and unusual angels and I even brought out LensBaby (which I LOVE to use for creative shots) to get even more variety of images.

I (and most importantly this couple!) were thrilled with how these images turned out!

2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_01
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_03
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_05
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_06
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_08
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_09
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_12
2014-11-14 Lauren Rivas Maternity_11

If you are pregnant and live in Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Franklin Lakes, Upper Saddle River, Wyckoff,  Allendale or other towns in Bergen County or Northern New Jersey I highly recommend scheduling a maternity photo session at my Ridgewood photography studio to capture your pregnancy.    Maternity portraits are best done between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.  Live Love Laugh Photos is one of the top 10 NYC area photographers and is known for its contemporary studio photography in Ridgewood.  Live Love Laugh Photos gift certificates make great and much loved gifts for Baby showers!

Here are more images from Live Love Laugh Photos winter wonderland mini sessions at our Ridgewood photography studio.   This 6 year old beauty LOVED my set up – she loved throwing snow balls at me, drinking hot chocolate and playing with my fake snow!    I think her family will have a hard time deciding which image to use for their Christmas card this year, don’t you think?:)

2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_01
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_02
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_03
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_04
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_05
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_06
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_07
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_08
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_09
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_10
2014-12-06 Maddie Leluc_11

Live Love Laugh Photos is one of the top 10 NYC area family and children photographers.  Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is the most exclusive family and children photographer in Ridgewood and specializes in on-location photographer as well as contemporary studio photography of newborns, babies and children of all ages.  If you are looking for a great and memorable gift certificate this holiday season for a Ridgewood, Upper Saddle River, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Paramus families or other families in Northern New Jersey, Live Love Laugh Photos gift certificates make wonderful gifts.

You know that I LOVE outdoor on-location photography but during colder months I am so grateful for my Ridgewood natural light photography studio!  I loved meeting these kids at the Live Love Laugh Photos studio for their holiday pictures.  I cannot even say how awesome they were photograph – they are as sweet and funny as they are good looking!  Seriously, don’t you think they look like they just walked off from a high fashion photo shoot for a JCrew catalog?!:)

Christmas mini sessions Bergen County
Ridgewood studio photography
2014-12-06 Bella and Jack_03
Bergen county studio mini sessions
2014-12-06 Bella and Jack_08
Bergen County photography studio
2014-12-06 Bella and Jack_12
2014-12-06 Bella and Jack_15
2014-12-06 Bella and Jack_16
Upper Saddle River family photography
2014-12-06 Bella and Jack_22
Ridgewood holiday mini sessions
Upper Saddle River children photographer

Live Love Laugh Photos is a boutique photography studio specializing in children and family portraiture in Ridgewood, Saddle River, Wyckoff, Glen Rock and other towns in Bergen County and Northern New Jersey.  If you would are looking for an unusual, thoughtful and very memorable gift for a family, your spouse, kids – look no further – Live Love Laugh Photos photography gift certificates make for a great gift for families with kids all over Bergen County.  Just contact Lena at to purchase yours and you will have a beautifully packaged gift certificate to put under a tree for your loved ones.


Live Love Laugh Photos holiday mini sessions are taking place now at our Ridgewood photography studio!   Kids just LOVE my Winter Wonderland set-up – complete with snow flakes, snow balls, snow and candy canes!   Mini sessions are officially sold out but if you REALY want to get pictures like these of your little ones, you can try to convince me to open up a few slots of next week.  Just email me at

Ridgewood holiday mini session
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_02
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_06
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_12
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_14
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_16
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_08
2014-12-04 Madeleine Libretta_19

Being one of most exclusive Ridgewood family and children photographers I’ve photographed so many families with young kids in and around Ridgewood. Most parents want to capture their kids when they are young but photographing ‘older’ kids – teens and tweens does not seem that popular.  And while older kids don’t change as much as young kids do, I think it is just as important to have family pictures with tweens and teens, as it is with babies, toddler and younger kids.

I love photographing younger kids but there is something to be said about family photo sessions with older children.  I don’t need to tell them silly jokes or make a fool out of myself (which I do a lot!) to make them laugh:)  This family was SO MUCH FUN!  We had their session on one of the coldest day of the year (I think it was 28 degrees at the time of the photoshoot) and they were awesome braving the cold.  I love their outfits and sense of style, love how relaxed and easy going they were and how much fun they had together – despite the cold!:)

So if it’s been a few years since you had a family photo session with your teenaged kids, do it now!:)

Ridgewood tween photographer
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_01
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_03
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_08
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_09
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_10
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_13
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_14
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_16
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_18
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_19
2014-11-15 Anderson Family_20

Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is an award-winning Ridgewood family photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, children, teen and family images.  If you would like to have natural family portraits of your family done by one of the top Bergen County photographer reach out to Lena to schedule your session.

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