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I consider myself very lucky because I get to work with and photograph so many wonderful Ridgewood families.  But out of all family sessions I’ve done recently (and as you can see from my blog, I’ve photographed a LOT of families) this one one of the easiest!  The kids were very excited about the photo shoot and had a great time playing and laughing with their parents, goofing around with me, building sand castles and relaxing on the dock.  There was no tantrums or tears, just lots of smiles, hugs and sandy feet and toes:)

We decided to have this family session at Indian Trail in Country club – I love photographing families there – it is such a beautiful setting and a photo shoot feels really like a big play date for kids!  After the session this Mom told me that the kids had such a great experience that they were talking about me for weeks after the session – as you can imagine, that made me VERY HAPPY!:)

And without further ado, I present to you images from this family session – and don’t forget to check out one of my favorite family images of all time that I captured during this session as well!

2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_05
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_06
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_12
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_14
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_07
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_16
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_22
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_18
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_25
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_26
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_27
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_32
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_34
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_33
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_39
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_42
2014-08-27 McCarthy Family_44

Live Love Laugh Photos a photography home of Lena Antaramian – a professional photographer located in Ridgewood New Jersey.  Lena has been photographing newborns, children and families in New Jersey and NYC for 6 years; she is the most exclusive family photographer in Ridgewood and is known for her fine art and lifestyle family photography.  If you would like to schedule your family photo session this holiday season please contact Lena at

Remember this great family photograph?   Here are more images from this family session with one of my favorite repeat clients.  I’ve photographed them a couple of years ago, loved working with them and was very happy to be working them again this great to create new family pictures.   We started their family photo session in Downtown Ridgewood and then headed to their house to get some images by the pool.

I just have to say that this girl is one of the coolest, sweetest and most eloquent kids I’ve met (she is the one who told me at her studio photo session last year that I was ‘a great picture taker’!).    She is funny, sweet and full of energy and I am glad that I was able to capture all of that in these family images.

2014-08-28 Chaney Family_02
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_03
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_04
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_07
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_10
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_18

2014-08-28 Chaney Family_22

2014-08-28 Chaney Family_26
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_32
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_36
2014-08-28 Chaney Family_40

Live Love Laugh Photos is a boutique photography studio located in downtown Ridgewood, New Jersey.   With 6 years of experience photographing families in and around Ridgewood, Live Love Laugh Photos is one of the most exclusive family photographers in Ridgewood.  If you are interested in scheduling your own family photo session in the fall please contact me at

We just got back from a wonderful family weekend get-away at Lake George with our friends.   Even though the weather did not cooperate (at least in the beginning), neither wind, nor rain or cold stopped us from having fun.  The kids loved playing on the playground, running free, making s’mores by the fire, fishing and boating.  And the grow-ups loved catching up, sitting by the fire watching stars and listening to a great band, watching the kids have fun and admiring the majestic beauty of Lake George.

And here are a few snapshots of our relaxing weekend upstate!

2014-09-13 Lake George_19
2014-09-12 Lake George_10
2014-09-12 Lake George_22
2014-09-13 Lake George_4
2014-09-13 Lake George
2014-09-13 Lake George_46
2014-09-13 Lake George_17
2014-09-13 Lake George_18
2014-09-13 Lake George_52 B&W

2014-09-14 Lake George_12

2014-09-13 Lake George_6
2014-09-13 Lake George_11
2014-09-14 Lake George_1

  • Sasha - great Album, Lena!

Remember these fun family images?  Here are more images from this wonderful family photo session with a Ridgewood family of three.  These guys wanted lifestyle, very natural images, that I am known for.  We decided to split up this session between James McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff and downtown Ridgewood.  In the park we got beautiful (and very FUN, if I may say so myself!) images with soft golden light and in downtown Ridgewood we were able to capture the energy of our cute little down and got more ‘urban’ looking shots.

I loved working with these three – they are as fun, laid back and a bit goofy (in a good way!) as they come across in their images:)  And they are so in love with each other and their sweet baby boy, who I had the pleasure of photographing at my studio earlier this year for his one year photo shoot!


Natural family portraits in RIdgewood
2014-08-20 Scott Family_08
2014-08-20 Scott Family_12
Outdoor family sessions in Wycoff
2014-08-20 Scott Family_18
Outdoor children pictures Wyckoff
Family photographer in Bergen County
2014-08-20 Scott Family_29
Ridgewood family photographer
Lifestyle family photographer in Ridgewood
Photographing families in RIdgewood
Professional family portraits in Ridgewood
Children photographer in RIdgewood

2014-08-20 Scott Family_03
2014-08-20 Scott Family_15

If you follow my work you know that I mostly photograph families with young kids in Ridgewood and surrounding towns in Bergen County.  And while I LOVE that, I must say that it was a nice change to photograph these beautiful girls, who are older than my typical clients.  This was their first professional family photo session in a few years.  I find it that families with younger kids have professional photo sessions every year or so but looks like once the kids get a bit older, family photography takes a back seat.  Sure,  older kids don’t change as much year from year as they do when they are younger but I think it is still just as important to capture them!

We decided to have this session in James McFaul Environmental center – it provides such a beautiful backdrop for photo sessions.  I loved getting to know these girls – it was pretty cool to see how different they all area!   They all do have beautiful smiles though:)

Ridgewood children photographer
2014-08-29 Clay Family_03
2014-08-29 Clay Family_06
2014-08-29 Clay Family_08
2014-08-29 Clay Family_17
2014-08-29 Clay Family_09

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