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I love being a Bergen County commercial photographer because this work introduces me to all different businesses and small business owners!   When a Ridgewood interior designer reached out to me because she need to have pictures of her work done I was very excited about the opportunity to work with her – it was so wonderful to work with someone who has an eye for details and design.  Her design style is very ‘clean’ and so is my photography so I think it was a perfect match – she loved the images she got from this Ridgewood commercial photoshoot!   And if some of them look familiar it is probably because you’ve seen them in the (201) magazine!  Yes these images have been published – how cool is that?!

Ridgewood Interior Design Photography013

Bergen County Interior Design Photography011Bergen County Interior Design Photography012Bergen County Interior Design Photography015Bergen County Interior Design Photography016Bergen County Interior Design Photography017Bergen County Interior Design Photography018Bergen County Interior Design Photography019Bergen County Interior Design Photography020Bergen County Interior Design Photography021

And if you are a small business owner and are located in Ridgewood, Ramsey, Wyckoff or any other Bergen County or Northern New Jersey towns and are looking for professional images for your on-line and marketing presence look no further because my Business Spotlight package is just what you need!

We just got back from our annual trip to the Shore – to Ocean City, NJ.  If you know us, you know that we love to travel and we love to travel to cool and exciting places all over the world – we never go back to the same place except Ocean City!  This is our 6th year there and we absolutely love it; the girls even call it our ‘second home’ and miss it when we are away:)

I think the reason why we love Ocean City is because it is so laid back and low key – there are no ‘must-see’ lists and ‘must-do’ activities and we can just relax and not rush.  And because we’ve been there so often we know exactly what we like – which restaurants to go to, which places have the best funnel cake or fudge or which rides or mini-golf places are the coolest, who has the best donuts – Fractured Prune if you are wondering.

We slept in and stayed up late, went to the beach and pool (although not every day), ate donuts and funnel cakes, rode crazy rides (that would be my children!), cheered team USA competing in the Olympics and discovered cool new (for us) sports like fencing and archery, laughed a lot, took selfies and boat trips and all around awesome time!  And even were able to squeeze in a mini beach photo shoot – another annual tradition:)


2016-08-17 Posani Family_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_1_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_2 croppe_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_3_WEB


2016-08-17 Posani Family_11_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_12_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_13_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_21_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_11 cropped_WEB2016-08-17 Posani Family_8_WEB

2016-08-17 Posani Family_15_WEB

2016-08-10 Boardwalk photoshoot_3_WEB2016-08-10 Boardwalk photoshoot_6_WEB

2016-08-10 Boardwalk photoshoot_10_WEB

2016-08-10 Boardwalk photoshoot (1)_WEB2016-08-10_1_WEB

2016-08-10 Boardwalk photoshoot_4 (1)_WEB2016-08-10 Boardwalk photoshoot_17_WEB



2016-08 B&W_WEB


Last few summers I ended up working a lot and not enjoying the summer break too much so this year I decided  to limit the number of family photography sessions I did during the summer and enjoy the break.  And it has been glorious!  I did work a good amount but was able to balance it with some quality time with my girlies, our new addition – Millie.  One of my favorites so far has been the time when my sister and her family came over from Atlanta and we got to spend several days with them!  The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE their cousins and they had a blast – hanging out, playing with Millie, staying up way past their bedtime, chatting up a storm, trading shopkins, ripsticking (Mia and Alexa introduced their cousins to this new activity, much to my sister’s disapproval!) and playing at the pool.  Here are some highlights:

2016-07-27 Cousins_WEBCompeition0022016-07-27 Cousins_19_WEB


2016-07-27 Cousins_13_WEB2016-08-02 Bedtime with cousins_7 B&W_WEB2016-08-02 Bedtime with cousins_5 B&W_WEB2016-08-02 Bedtime with cousins_2 B&W_WEB


2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_16_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_26_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_35_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_41_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_6_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_10_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_1_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_37_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_43_WEB2016-08-02 Pool time with cousins_46_WEB

What can I say about this Ridgewood photo sessions with one of my favorite and oldest clients?  Just that it definitely does not feel like work when I photograph them – that it feels like hanging out with old friends!  I’ve been photographing M. since she was in her Momma’s belly – over 4 years ago and since then we’ve had more sessions that I can remember.  I just love seeing her twice a year and I never cease to be amazed at how grown up she looks every single time!

This time around she invited me to have a dinner with them after a session.  And when I told her that I had to go to my own kids, Ms. M. asked me what my kids love for dinner so that her family can have that food ready – for when we have our dinner together:)

2016-07-21 Libretta Family001_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family013_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family005_WEB

2016-07-21 Libretta Family006_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family011_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family017_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family026_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family037_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family028_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family042_WEB

2016-07-21 Libretta Family041_WEB

2016-07-21 Libretta Family019_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family023_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family030_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family033_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family036_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family038_WEB2016-07-21 Libretta Family047_WEB

2016-07-21 Libretta Family050_WEB

When you are a photographer and your sister who is expecting your third niece (YAY!!!) comes to visit you from out of town, you take pictures of her everywhere – in your photography studio, in your backyard, on the beach while waiting to go into a restaurant, at home while eating ice-cream – it’s just what you do:)

Cannot wait to meet our so-far-unnamed’ new baby girl in a few short months!!!!

2016-07-27 Inna maternity_2 B&W_WEB2016-07-27 Inna maternity_16_WEB2016-07-27 Inna maternity_WEB2016-07-27 Inna Maternity_30_WEB2016-08-02 Inna Maternity_5_WEB2016-07-27 Inna maternity_6 modified_WEB2016-07-27 Inna Maternity_26_WEB2016-08-02 Inna Maternity_9_WEB2016-08-02 Inna Maternity_22 B&W_WEB2016-08-02 Inna Maternity_7_WEB

2016-08-01 _2_WEB

Ridgewood maternity photos

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