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It is FINALLY getting a little warmer (although it still does not feel like spring) and I am thrilled to be photographing outdoors again!  Had my first outdoor session of 2015 a couple of weeks ago – this Waldwick family came to downtown Ridgewood for their photo session with me.   Downtown Ridgewood looks so beautiful (even with snow on the grass in mid March!) – I really like having family sessions there.

It was a bit cold and windy but we did not have a snow storm or sub-freezing temperature and for that all of us were grateful:)  These adorable sisters were such troopers and I loved photographing them having a great time with their Mom and Dad.  And as I try to do for all my sessions, I got a couple of images of the parents by themselves – without kids – I think it is nice for all parents to have a reminder that before they were a family of four (or three, or five, etc) it was just the two of them.

2015-03-12 Brazell Family001_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family003_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family005_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family006_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family008_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family009_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family010_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family011_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family013_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family015_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family016_WEB2015-03-12 Brazell Family018_WEB

Live Love Laugh Photos is a premier professional Bergen County photographer who specializes in lifestyle on-location family photography.  With sessions that take place in Ridgewood as well as Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Allendale, Glen Rock, and other towns in Northern New Jersey, Lena Antaramian has been capturing beautiful authentic family memories for over 6 years.  If you are looking for a new family photographer in New Jersey reach out to us – we will be happy to help preserve priceless family memories for you.

Got to meet and photograph these beautiful brother/sister at my Ridgewood studio a few days ago.  How sweet are they? !  More images from their studio session to come soon!New Jersey photography studio

Love photographing this family at my Ridgewood studio a couple of weeks ago!  If they look familiar, it is because this is my third session with them – you can see their prior sessions here and here.  But this is their first session as a family of FOUR – and my first time meeting baby L. who looks so different from his big brother but is just as handsome!

As always, Mom did an amazing job with the boys outfits – they looked like just stepped from pages of a catalog:)  And while I don’t usually use props at my photoshoots, I just LOVED the old airplane an an aviator hat baby L. had – don’t you think he looks super adorable!

I had a blast photographing these four and despite a few cute pouts from baby L,  judging from the pictures, they all had a pretty good time being photographed as well:)
2015-03-11 Coppola Family002_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family003_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family004_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family006_WEB

Ridgewood baby photographer

2015-03-11 Coppola Family008_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family010_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family013_WEB2015-03-11 Coppolla Family_13_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family016_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family_2_WEB2015-03-11 Coppola Family020_WEB

Live Love Laugh Photos is a boutique photography studio located in the heart of Bergen County – in downtown Ridgewood.  Lena Antaramian specializes in natural and lifestyle family and children portraits.  So if you are looking for a Bergen County photography studio to get updated pictures of your family and children and don’t like traditional stuffy studio portraits, then Live Love Laugh Photos natural light studio is the place for you.

I cannot believe I have not blogged this Wyckoff fall Signature family session till now!  But it is better later than never right:)  I loved photographing these guys – it was my first photo session with them and I had a blast.  These girls were HILARIOUS and full of personalities – as you can see from the pictures.   They were cracking each other (and ME!) up!  There was lots of jumping, running, twirling and leaf fights.  I captured so many fun images and huge grins but I am glad that I was able to capture more serious and thoughtful sides of these beautiful sisters.

2014-11-12 Harrington Family_08_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_09_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_10_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_112014-11-12 Harrington Family_12_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_13_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_142014-11-12 Harrington Family_15_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_182014-11-12 Harrington Family_202014-11-12 Harrington Family_212014-11-12 Harrington Family_24_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_252014-11-12 Harrington Family_27_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_282014-11-12 Harrington Family_29_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_30_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_32_WEB2014-11-12 Harrington Family_33_WEBLive Love Laugh Photos 0032014-11-12 Harrington Family_37

Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is known in Ridgewood and throughout Bergen County for authentic and natural family and children portraiture.  Clients come to her from all over New Jersey and NYC Metro area for professional pictures of kids and families.  If you are interested in beautiful family pictures of your kids and family and are looking for a professional photographer, look no further than Live Love Laugh Photos, located in Ridgewood NJ

As you guys know, it’s been a long cold and snowy winter and we really needed to get away somewhere warm and sunny.  So we decided on an extended family vacation (think 4 families!) in Mexico!   I was worried about a snow storm delaying or canceling our flights or someone getting sick at the last minute (with 12 of us – including 4 kids – chances of that were pretty high).  But fortunately the weather cooperated, everybody stayed healthy and we all had a blast!

I was telling Victor that going on vacation as one large family (it was us, my sister’s family, my parents and my in-laws) was even more fun that going on vacation by ourselves – because everywhere we looked, there was someone that we knew and loved:)  And of course having grandparents watch the kids so that we could have a couple of date nights was really nice as well!

It was a very laid back vacation, although we did squeeze in some culture – with a trip to Chichen Itza – and some ‘adventure’ – with a trip to Rio Secreto - a mayan cenote – i.e. underwater cave.     We ended up spending a lot of time at the pool, at the beach, eating, reading, relaxing and hanging out together!

If you are planning a trip to the Cancun area and are looking for recommendations you may want to check out this very detailed review of our hotel – Paradisus Playa Del Carmen La Esmeralda that I wrote on tripadvisor.  And if you are in the area, I cannot recommend Rio Secreto highly enough  (a link to my review is here) – it was definitely a highlight of the trip!

I did not end up using my camera a lot but here are a few images I captured.

2015-03-01 Victors BDay_12_WEB

Playing in the pool with Grandma:2015-03-01 Victors BDay_14 B&W_WEB2015-03-01 Victors BDay_22_WEB

My parents would ‘swim’ for a visit and end up hanging out in our swim-up suite:

2015-03-04 Playing by the Pool_11_WEB

Although the beach was not my favorite, we did end up spending some time there:
2015-03-01 Victors BDay_8_WEB2015-03-01 Victors BDay_32_WEB2015-03-01 Victors BDay_38_WEB2015-03-01 Victors BDay_42_WEB

2015-03-01 Victor

and my talented husband even got a few pictures with me and my parents!:

2015-03-01 Victor2015-03-01 Victor

Kids pool area was awesome – can I just say that I enjoyed coming down this slide as much (if not more!) that my children:)

2015-03-05 Cenotes and Pool_1_WEB2015-03-05 Cenotes and Pool_7_WEB

At Chichen Itza the girls (and their cousin) saw the pyramids and decided to channel their inner Egyptians:)

2015-03-03 Chichen Itza_63_WEB

Mia was acting out descriptions of mayan sacrifices that our guide was describing:

2015-03-03 Chichen Itza_WEB2015-03-03 Chichen Itza_24_WEB2015-03-03 Chichen Itza_47_WEB

The Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza – considered one of the 7 wonders of the modern world:

2015-03-03 Chichen Itza_54_WEB

We had an authentic and supper yummy mexican lunch on the way back from Chichen Itza – the girls sat at their own side of the table and had a blast:)

2015-03-03 Chichen Itza_57 B&W_WEB

We did have some quiet time, which for my girls meant reading:

2015-03-04 Playing by the Pool_6 B&W_WEB

And we snuck in a quick photo shoot!:)

2015-03-06 Photo Shoot_WEB2015-03-06 Photo Shoot_5_WEB

It was a lovely vacation and I cannot wait to do it again in a few years!:)

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