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Double Trouble – Ridgewood family photographer

Remember this family image?  Here are more from this very fun family photo session I had in Wyckoff recently.  The boys (who are the same age as my girls!) were hilarious and just like my girls, very different from each other.   They loved being goofy with their parents and each other, telling me about

In her pre-session questionnaire this Mom mentioned that she wanted laid-back, un-posed images and was hoping that we would be able to get a few smiles out of the boys.  I think her objectives were accomplished, don’t you think?:)

2014-07-30 Toomey Family_032014-07-30 Toomey Family_072014-07-30 Toomey Family_092014-07-30 Toomey Family_122014-07-30 Toomey Family_142014-07-30 Toomey Family_112014-07-30 Toomey Family_162014-07-30 Toomey Family_172014-07-30 Toomey Family_042014-07-30 Toomey Family_05

Family trip to Ocean City, NJ | Jersey Shore family photographer

For the last 4 years we’ve been going to Ocean City, New Jersey to get our fill of the ocean and the beach, salty air and cool breeze, amusement rides and mini golf,  cotton candy and funnel cakes, made-to-order delicious donuts (Fractured Prune and Browns) and the best pizza this side of the Atlantic (Manco Manco!).   And even though Victor and I love discovering new places, we decided to make an exception for our annual family vacation -  we always stay at the same hotel, go to the same restaurants and do same things – I love having this family tradition to look forward to every year!  And because a picture is worth 1000 words, I won’t write much and will let the images tell the story of how great our trip was!

2014-08-02 Ocean City - Planning_5 B&W2014-08-03 Ocean City  - rides_6


2014-08-04 Beach shoot_272014-08-04 Beach shoot_202014-08-04 Beach shoot_112014-08-04 Beach shoot_252014-08-04 Beach shoot_15

2014-08-04 Beach shoot cropped_5 B&W2014-08-04 Beach shoot cropped_3 B&W2014-08-04 Beach shoot cropped_72014-08-04 Beach shoot_462014-08-04 Beach shoot_92014-08-04 Beach shoot_82014-08-04 Beach shoot_6


2014-08-03 Ocean City  - rides_422014-08-03 Ocean City  - rides_352014-08-06 Cape May_35

2014-08-07 Beach day_152014-08-07 Beach day_22014-08-07 Beach day_3 B&W2014-08-07 Beach day_1

2014-08-07- beach shoot_27

2014-08-07 Beach shoot_72014-08-07- beach shoot_6

2014-08-07- beach shoot_30

2014-08-04 Beach shoot_5

Renee Stefanacci - Gorgeous photos!! Looks like you had a beautiful vacation! (But I missed seeing any pics of YOU!!) :)

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