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It is September and you know what that means – it means that it is time for our annual ‘adults-only’ vacation for Victor and I!  Heading out tomorrow which means that this page will be quite for a little while.  Want to know which exotic places we are off now?  Then head over to my FB page or IG – I will be posting updates there.  And in the meantime enjoy this image I took during our last vacation – this past spring – still need to do a blog post about it:)


Apparently this family only had one ‘professional’ photo session – when big sister A. was a few months old and her Mom took her to one of the mall photography studio places to get pictures.  The way her Mom describes it, it was not a very pleasant (or relaxing) experience – the baby cried all the time, the Mom had to hold her while wearing Santa Gloves (the session was during Christmas time) and the images did not come out that great – with a wrinkly crying baby (Mom’s words, not mine).  Needless to say these images are not displayed anywhere in their house.

So when this Mom scheduled a studio photo session with me she really did not have much expectations.  The girls came to my Ridgewood studio and that’s where all the fun started – they were funny and easy going and I had a blast getting to know them and making them laugh.  And then we headed outside and proceeded with our sessions in a cool spot that’s very close to my studio – the color of the background matched their beautiful blue eyes perfectly!

When Mom saw these images at the studio during her viewing/ordering session she was very surprised – I guess her mall studio experience did not prepare her for the world of custom photography:)  She cried upon seeing the images – needless to say she absolutely loved them.  And I know that images from this session will be proudly displayed in their home!




Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is a professional children and photography photographer.  She has been in the photography business since 2008 and have worked with numerous families in Bergen County and NYC metro area to create beautiful portraits of their children and families.  If you are looking for a Bergen County professional photographer this holiday season please reach out to us – on location and Ridgewood studio photography sessions are available.

What do you get when you take a Ridgewood family with 3 very energetic, funny and handsome boys, add 2 photogenic parents and a very well behaved dog?  You get a very fun family photo session! There were lots of laughter, lots of silly jokes and LOTs of funny faces. And when the Mom saw the ‘funny faces’ picture she told me that it REALLY captured all her sons:)





Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is a Ridgewood based professional photographer known for her lifestyle and natural approach to family and children photography.  In business since 2008,  Lena photographed numerous families from Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Saddle River, Cresskill, Allendale and other towns in Bergen County.  If you are looking for a family photographer for your holiday portraits in Northern New Jersey reach out to us to book a session.

When a kid looks at a canvas collage from his last year’s family photo session with you and asks his Dad to schedule another studio photo session session, you know you did something right.  And when they come in to your studio for a photo session have a blast together, laugh and play and on the way out of the studio you overhear the little guy tell his Dad: “This was so fun, can we do it again?!!!’ you know that you did many things right:)

Loved seeing these guys at my Ridgewood photo studio – with their matching ties, suites and sports jackets.  And cannot even tell you how amazing it is so see their special bond – this little guy is absolutely adored by his Dad and the Dad – by his little guy.  And I am one lucky girl that I get to capture it every year!

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Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is an award-winning children and family photographer and has been in business since 2008.  She has a beautiful natural light photography studio in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where she photographs families from Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Saddle River, Franklin Lakes, Cresskill and other towns in Bergen County and surrounding areas.  She is also known for her on-location lifestyle family and children photography work.

You know how excited everybody is for the last day of school?  The start of summer vacations, no homework or structure, running around barefoot through sprinkles, staying up way past your bedtime, catching fireflies, sleep-overs with friends and hours and hours and hours of play time?  Well, I think people (well, Moms) are even more excited about the first day of school!   Don’t get me wrong – we had a GREAT summer – I loved spending it with my kids (and husband of course) and the girls had a blast.  But last week I realized that I could not handle the ‘no structure days’ much longer – I needed some discipline and structure and while I LOVE my kids dearly, I needed to get them out of the house!  So as I can images, the count-down for the first day of school began shortly after that. And finally the day was here – the first day of school!   The outfits were picked up, backpacks packed up, hair accessories purchased and alarms set.  What I forgot to do was to charge my camera batteries – too late I realized that my spare was completely drained and the camera battery was on the last bar.  It did not last till they went to school but I did manage to take our annual back-to-school pictures – including a group picture of all the kids on our street!  And this year there is one sweet addition to the pictures – our adorable Millie!

And once the kids were in school it was time for this Mommy and her mommy friends to celebrate – first with an after drop-off breakfast at a local cafe and the next day with a ladies luncheon at Neiman Marcus.  And now that the celebrations are all done, it is time to settle back into a routine:)




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