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I love my Ridgewood photography studio but my passion has always been on-location family photography.  As a Ridgewood family photographer I love going to people’s home all over Bergen County or meeting them in parks for their family sessions – everything is green and bright and happy!  But with on-location outdoor photography comes a challenge – the unpredictability of weather!  We had to reschedule this family session TWICE due to rain.  But third time was a charm because when we finally did met everything was absolutely perfect – starting with outfits (this Mom did an amazing job with two different sets of outfits!), locations (we split up the session between a park in Wyckoff and downtown Ridgewood – to get urban images) and this family, which was one of the happiest and most loving familiest I’ve met – and that’s saying something because all my families are simply awesome!  But my favorite part of this family session was baby H. – if you think he looks cute in pictures you gotta see him in person – you won’t be able keep your hands to yourself – you will want to hug, squeeze and hold him!  He has amazing laughter, a toothy grin, adorable chubby cheeks, elbow dimples, long beautiful eye lashes, a head full of curly hair and such a sunny personality!   And if that was not enough, he was born on April 23rd – which is the day of MY birthday!!!!  It truly was such a pleasure to photograph him and his family.

So if you need for a little ‘pick-me-up’ do yourself a favor and scroll through these images – I promise they will make you smile!

2016-05-09 Tongue Family004_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family006_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family009_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family014_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family021_WEB

2016-05-09 Tongue Family017_WEB


2016-05-09 Tongue Family020_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family026_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family030_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family035_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family039_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family042_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family046_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family049_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family051_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family053_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family055_WEB

2016-05-09 Tongue Family057_WEB

2016-05-09 Tongue Family063_WEB2016-05-09 Tongue Family069_WEB

Can I just say how much I LOVE outdoor family photo sessions?  And I especially love them after a long long winter during which I spent photographing many family and children at my Ridgewood photo studio.  And while I love my studio and Ridgewood studio sessions, I am thrilled to be able to photograph outdoors again!

I first met this family last year (you can see pictures from their family session in Wyckoff here) and this year to keep things interesting we decided to choose a different location and agreed on having this photoshoot in downtown Ridgewood.  I love photographing families in Ridgewood – and not just because I live and work there:)  It is a really cute town with a very picturesque downtown and I’ve had clients from all over Bergen County (and some from NYC) travel to Ridgewood to have their family photo sessions there.

I always love photographing old clients – seeing how much kids have grown and changed and parents stayed the same:)  And I always feel so honored when people choose me as their family photographer and come back to me year after year after year!

This session was so much fun – there was lots of jumping and hugging and laughing and more jumping!  I had a great time – and I think these guys did as well – and it shows in the pictures!
2016-04-29 Fagan Family042_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family038_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family037_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family031_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family030_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family028_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family025_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family024_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family021_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family019_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family016_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family012_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family010_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family005_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family001_WEB

Can I just say how much I love seeing this beautiful girl for her Ridgewood First Communion portraits at my photography studio?  I’ve been photographing her and her family since 2012 – and I fell in love with G. from the very first photo session – she is funny, and fun and very eloquent and makes me laugh.  At one of her photoshoots, after seeing her images, she told me that I was a ‘very good picture-taker!’   She is a natural in front of the camera and loves to have her pictures taken – she was actually the one who made this photoshoot happen because she asked her Mom to set it up – she really wanted to have her pictures taken:)

I feel like I’ve watched her grow up  and seeing G. in her First Communion dress literally made me cry!

I love incorporating special items into a photo session and it was so special to photograph G. with an antique rosary that was in her Dad’s family for many many generations.  And I loved capturing G. with an old Bible from her Mom’s side of the family – it was her Grandma’s bible and the bible that her Mom had her First Communion pictures taken with.  In my mind I fast forwarded many years and pictures G. daughter taken her First Communion pictures with that bible as well and that made me tear up even more! I was a hot mess at this session:)  But the First Communion portraits came out well despite my tears!

First First Communion Portraits2016-05-03 Gigi First Communion004_WEB2016-05-03 Gigi First Communion025_WEBBergen County first communion photographer2016-05-03 Gigi First Communion019_WEBRidgewood first communion studio photos2016-05-03 Gigi First Communion009_WEB2016-05-03 Gigi First Communion008_WEBFranklin Lakes First Communion Portraits

I am bursting with excitement!  One of my images got a prize at the NAPCP (National Association of Professional Children Photographer) international photography competition!  Thousands of images from all over the world were submitted and judged by a panel of highly respected and successful children photographers and having one of my images take a prize felt amazing!  And what made it even more special that it was an image of my Mia that I took at one of our favorite places – Ocean City NJ, during our annual beach vacation.  It’s been a few years since I won my first photography award and I have to say that it feels as great as the first time being able to say that I am an award-winning children photographer!

Bergen county award-winning photographer

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