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Do you want to get beautiful professional pictures of your kids for Holiday Cards this year but realized that it is already a bit too late to do an outdoor photo session?  Well you are in luck because my FREE Holiday Mini sessions are here!  This promo has been very popular ever since I first rolled it out at my Ridgewood photography studio two years ago and I am excited to do it again – this time at my new – bigger and better new Ridgewood photo studio!    So if you live in Bergen County and want to get a beautiful studio picture of your kids for holiday cards you are in luck!   I will be offering FREE holiday mini sessions at the studio for anyone who books a new photo session for 2016!  And not only you will get a photo session for free, you will also receive a high resolution fully edited digital image – for free as well.

So this year leave the picture taking to a professional, book a new photo session and get ready to get compliments on how beautiful your holiday cards look:)

NOTE: This post will appear at the top of the blog while the mini sessions are on-going.  To see images from the latest family and children photo sessions please scroll down.

Bergen County holiday mini sessions

Check out this awesome Bergen County photo session that I had in Wyckoff recently.  To say that this family knows how to have fun together is a major understatement.  They have SO MUCH FUN together – I could see it just a few minutes into their family photo session.  The parents are so laid back and easy going; they were so natural at their photo shoot – just enjoying time with their kids.  And the girls were hilarious and very easily amused -especially the little one – all I had to do was just to look at her and she would burst out laughing:)   These girls have the most amazing laughter; even now, a couple of weeks after their session, I look at their images and still hear them laugh:)

This Mom and Dad may look familiar to those of you who live in Ridgewood – they own Kidvelle – a great place to bring your little one for classes, playtime and anything and everything toddler and kids development related.  And as every single business owner knows, family time is so precious so this Mom was especially excited about the opportunity to spend quality time with the kids.  And after the session she sent me a note thanking me for the photoshoot and telling me how much fun they had together.  And having my clients tell me that their photoshoots were FUN as as important to me as producing great images for them because I believe that a great family photo session is not just about getting wonderful family pictures, but it is about spending time together as a family and enjoying each other’s company – I am there just to document it all!

They all were so happy to be spending this time together and comfortable in front of the camera – all I did was just capture that!

If you are interested in booking a family photo session or a Bergen County holiday  photo session for your kids don’t forget to check out a free Ridgewood studio holiday mini sessions special I have going on right now – everyone who books a new 2016 family or children photo session will receive a studio mini session at my Ridgewood photo studio AND one high resolution digital image – for FREE!  You can get more info re this special here – and reach out to me ASAP if you want to take advantage of it because spots are filling up fast!

2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0007_WEB


2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0004_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0010_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0015_WEB

2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0016_WEB

2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0018_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0020_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0022_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0024_WEB

2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0012_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0013_WEB

2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0033_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0035_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0036_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0038_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0040_WEB2015-10-26 Pickholz Family0030_WEB

Here is a spotlight of a Bergen County family photo shoot I had in Wyckoff recently.  You may recognize these sweet kids – they came in to my Ridgewood studio earlier this year for studio portraits.

At their first session big sister K. was a bit shy and made me work hard to get a smile out of her – he brother was another story – he kept flashing me one beautiful smile after another.  At this session it was a different story – K. was my best friend – she walked with me, talked with me, posed for me and was REALLY enjoying being photographed!  When I wanted to take pictures of her brother by herself she got so said that I told her that she could sit next to him and be in the pictures:)  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I see kids you were previously shy warm up to me and not wanting to leave!  I also gotta mention K.’s AWESOME sense of style – she came to the session with a little purse and lots of accessories… Definitely a trend-setter in the making:)

At first her little brother C. did not share his sister’s enthusiasm about having his pictures taken – all he wanted was to be held by Daddy.  But we were able to get smiling images of him as well!

If you are interested in booking a family photo session or a Bergen County holiday  photo session for your kids don’t forget to check out a free Ridgewood studio holiday mini sessions special I have going on right now – everyone who books a new 2016 family or children photo session will receive a studio mini session at my Ridgewood photo studio AND one high resolution digital image – for FREE!  You can get more info re this special here – and reach out to me ASAP if you want to take advantage of it because spots are filling up fast!

2015-10-16 McGirr Family02_WEB


2015-10-16 McGirr Family03_WEB

2015-10-16 McGirr Family04_WEB

2015-10-16 McGirr Family07_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family08_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family09_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family11_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family12_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family13_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family15_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family17_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family18_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family19_WEB2015-10-16 McGirr Family21_WEB

Last time I photographed these guys they were a family of three and E. was a just a baby – you can see their first session here.  She may look familiar to those of you who’ve been to my Ridgewood photography studio – she is the adorable redhead in daffodils that I have displayed there.

So when this Mom reached out to me and said that she wanted to do a fall family photo session now that baby F. was turning a year old I was thrilled.  I was excited to see them again and to meet the newest member of their family.  To say that these girls are adorable is a major understatement – they are so cute you just want to hold them and give them hundreds of hugs.  And once they start smiling – forget it – you never want to let them go!:) Baby F. looks EXACTLY like her big sister did at that age – same sweet toothy smile, read hair and lots of personality!

The Mom studied my wardrobe guide religiously and came up with beautiful outfits for the whole family.  And what do you get when you have a loving family (in great outfits), a beautiful Bergen County location with amazing fall colors and three beautiful redheads?  You get wonderful images, that’s what!:)

If you would like to get New Jersey fall foliage pictures of your family reach out to me ASAP – I can fit it just one more outdoor family session this year.  But if you are not able to get on my calendar for a fall session this year do not fret because you can still get beautiful professional images taken by me! You should take advantage of my free holiday mini sessions that I will be holding at my Ridgewood studio!  You will receive a free holiday mini session and a free digital image when you book a new session for 2016!   You can get more info about these here.   So leave holiday cards picture taking to the professionals (me!) and start thinking about what you would want to do with beautiful family pictures of your family.

2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family01_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family02_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family06_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family08_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family10_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family12_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family14_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family16_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family17_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family18_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family19_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family20_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family21_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family24_WEB2015-10-21 Oppenberg Family26_WEB

Can I just say how much LOVED this session!  I loved everything about it – from the beautiful family (there is a great story behind them) to the amazing location to the wonderful weather and bright colors!

I first met these guys 3 years ago when it was just this beautiful Mom and RJ.  This Mom wanted to capture a new chapter in their lives and their special connection.  We laughed and had a great time at their photoshoot and got beautiful images – that this Mom used as her profile pictures on FB for years to come:)

Now fast forward to this summer when I get a call from a gentleman who said that he wanted to surprise his wife with a photo session for her birthday (a photo session makes a wonderful gift !) and that he chose me because I’d photographed her and her son in the past.   He was L.’s new husband and I liked him right away because of the thoughtful gift he chose for her birthday.  But then I met him in person and liked him even more – he is funny, easy going, has great taste in clothing and it is obvious how much he loves L.!

I cannot say how happy I was to meet two new men in L.’s life – her wonderful new husband and her adorable baby boy and to capture this new wonderful chapter in their lives! Being a family photographer I cannot but get emotionally involved and connected with every family I photograph: I worry when I hear about illnesses and rejoice when I hear about new births, weddings and new and exciting chapters in peoples lives.  And being there to capture these new exciting chapters, seeing new babies being born, watching babies turn into toddlers and toddlers turn into big boys and girls makes me happier than I can express in words!

So enjoy these images from a family photo shoot we did in the city – in their new neighborhood in the heart of Greenwich Village and in Soho.  I absolutely loved photographing them – seeing them all together, happy and so in love made my heart sing and I think I had a smile on my face throught their whole photoshoot.  And even though I’ve seen these images many time they make me smile every single time I see them:)

And if you would like to get beautiful pictures of YOUR family don’t forget to take advantage of my free holiday mini session specials and get a free photo session for your children at my Ridgewood studio when you book a new 2016 family session.  Get more info about it here.  

2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0005_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0007_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0008_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0013_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0014_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0015_WEB

2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0018_WEB

2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0021_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0024_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0026_WEB

2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0029_WEB

2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0035_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0041_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0049_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0051_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0054_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0055_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0059_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0065_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0068_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0072_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0078_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0079_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0083_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0085_WEB2015-10-13 Carvajal Family0089_WEB

  • Stefanie - Such a fun session! I love shooting in urban environments and don’t get to nearly enough either :)

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