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I’ve been meeting so many wonderful Bergen County families who come to me for their family photo sessions!  These guys found me online and loved my portfolio.  We had a few phone conversations prior to the session and I felt that we connected over the phone as well.  So when I finally met them for their family photo session in Wyckoff I almost felt like I knew them!

These parents really wanted to get lifestyle-y unposed family pictures (which is what I am known for!) and they also wanted to capture the kids at this point in time – and I am pretty good at that as well, if I may say so myself:)  I think these images capture the joy and love this family has for each other and needless to say the parents LOVED the images!

Ridgewood family photographer2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family002_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family003_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family004_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family005_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family006_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family007_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family009_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family011_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family012_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family013_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family014_WEB2015-05-26 Kheterpal Family015_WEB

Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is located in Ridgewood, Bergen County New Jersey and is known throughout Northern New Jersey and NYC Metro area for her lifestyle approach to family and children photography.  So if you are looking for a great family photographer in Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Saddle River, River Edge, Old Tapan and other Bergen County towns please call or email us to schedule your family session.

What can I say about this family session I had in Wyckoff recently?  Just how much I loved it!  The kids are adorable (as you can see for yourself!), a bit dramatic (but then again, show me a little girl that is not) and so much fun.  And the parents are sweet and loving.  And all of that translates into beautiful family images!

2015-05-29 Fagan Family001_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family002_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family003_WEB

2015-05-29 Fagan Family005_WEB

2015-05-29 Fagan Family007_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family006_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family009_WEB

2015-05-29 Fagan Family008_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family011_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family012_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family015_WEB2015-05-29 Fagan Family016_WEBRidgewood family photographer

Lena Antaramian is a professional New Jersey photographer located in Bergen County. In business since 2008, she is known throughout Northern New Jersey for her lifestyle approach and authentic family portraits.   If you live in Ridgewood, Wyckoff or other towns in Bergen County and are interested in learning more about family photography, reach out to me and I will be happy to walk you through options for a family photo session.  And I will be even happier to create beautiful children and family portraits for your family.


I tell all my New Jersey clients how much I love having photo sessions in Wyckoff in the spring – when blooming daffodils create beautiful backdrops for kids and family images.  And as much as I love having family sessions there with my clients, I love photographing my own kids there!  Every year I do a daffodils photo sessions with my girls and this year was no exception.

Alexa’s top tooth was wiggly for literally months and I was hoping it would be out in time for our photo shoot.  To expedite the process we tried pulling it (she would chicken out at the lat minute) and have her eat chewy food  but that did not work – as you can see from the images below.  But would not you know it, a couple of days after I took the picture below, Alexa was playing with her headband and knocked out her tooth!  So of course I had to do another quick reshoot:)

2015-05-01 Mia and Alex Daffodils_5 B&W_WEB2015-05-01 Mia and Alex Daffodils_2_WEB

2015-05-04 Mia and Alexa Daffodils_5_WEB2015-05-04 Mia and Alexa Daffodils_3_WEB2015-05-04 Mia and Alexa Daffodils_6_WEB

One of my favorite things about being a New Jersey family photographer is meeting children and families from all over in Bergen County.   And one of my favorite things about meeting new families is seeing love and interaction between parents and kids and brothers and sisters.  And there was so much love at this family session – so much of it that I could almost physically feel it!   As the youngest child and the only girl in a family with two big brothers you expect this young lady to be loved and doted on.  But to say that this baby girl is loved is an understatement.  She is absolutely ADORED by her big brothers and parents.  The brothers were showering her with love (and grass!), kissing and hugging her and making her laugh.  She is one lucky little girl:)  Actually all five of them are pretty lucky because they belong together!

2015-05-16 Rothman Family001_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family003_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family004_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family005_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family006_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family007_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family008_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family012_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family013_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family014_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family016_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family017_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family020_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family021_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family022_WEB

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