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The weather was gorgeous last weekend and  we wanted to take advantage of it and go somewhere fun for a family day trip.  But my girls REALLY wanted to play outside with their friends so by the time they got some playing out of their system it was too late to go anywhere far.  So instead we decided on an impromptu trip to Hoboken.  Victor and I were there just a week before for a date night and discovered a very cool park that we knew Mia and Alexa would love.

Now that I have a new VERY COOL Ona camera bag, I take my camera with me everywhere and I am so glad I had it with me then. The light was absolutely perfect and the setting (with the view of the greatest city in the world!) could not be beat!  Mia and Alexa loved exploring Hoboken, playing on the playground and taking in views of Manhattan.  They were not dressed for a ‘proper’ photoshoot (and neither were Victor and I) but I love the images we got of our family nonetheless!

2015-04-18 Hoboken_11_WEB2015-04-18 Hoboken_4_WEB2015-04-18 Hoboken_7_WEB2015-04-18 Hoboken_WEB2015-04-18 Hoboken_13_WEB2015-04-18 Hoboken_6_WEB

2015-04-18 Hoboken_16_WEB

I love shooting at my natural light photography studio in Ridgewood during colder month.  But even when it gets warmer outside, my studio works so well for kids and babies photo sessions – it is a perfect safe environment with great light and fun toys – no wonder kids love it there:)

Big sister K. was serious at first and that was a great opportunity for me to capture her thoughtful looks – she has such big thoughtful eyes!  And her baby brother C. was a complete opposite – he was one of the smiliest babies I’ve seen in a long time!  I loved spending an afternoon together and getting beautiful photographs of them with their stunning Mom!  And I cannot wait to photograph all four of them (with their Dad) for their family session in the fall.

2015-03-24 McGirr Family001_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family002_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family003_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family004_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family008_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family009_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family011_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family012_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family015_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family016_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family018_WEB2015-03-24 McGirr Family006_WEB

Live Love Laugh Photos is a premier Bergen County photography studio located in the heart of downtown Ridgewood New Jersey.  If you are looking to get beautiful natural pictures of your babies, toddlers and children, give us a call to schedule an appointment – Lena Antaramian is known for her lifestyle approach to children and family photography and creates beautiful authentic photographs session after session.

I’ve met so many wonderful families in the fall during the ‘holiday’ season and had so many photo shoots that I LOVED!  This one is one of them – I think this is the last one of my Bergen County fall family sessions from 2014.   Baby E. was the smiliest and happiest toddler I’ve seen in a LOOONG time – he was happy snuggling with his parents, walking with them, sitting with them and just simply being:)  And his parents were absolutely head-over-heels in love with him and it definitely showed!

2014-11-13 Jacob Family_012014-11-13 Jacob Family_022014-11-13 Jacob Family_042014-11-13 Jacob Family_052014-11-13 Jacob Family_072014-11-13 Jacob Family_082014-11-13 Jacob Family_102014-11-13 Jacob Family_112014-11-13 Jacob Family_122014-11-13 Jacob Family_132014-11-13 Jacob Family_152014-11-13 Jacob Family_172014-11-13 Jacob Family_19

Live Love Laugh Photos is a Ridgewood boutique photography studio that specializes in natural lifestyle family and children photography in Bergen County and across Northern New Jersey.  Lena Antaramian is known for beautiful artistic portraits of families and children.

These beautiful sisters came in to my Ridgewood photography studio for a winter-mini session.  Even though it was pretty chilly and grey outside, they came in ‘channeling’ spring – in bright happy outfits that seemed to match their sunny personalities.

In her pre-session questionnaire their Mom mentioned that the little on – Ms. A. was usually very shy and took a while to warm up to strangers.  I did not see the shy side of her at all – the second she walked into my studio, she did not hesitate for a bit, took my hand and went to the shooting room with me!  She laughed, made silly faces, danced and had a blast!  Her big sister E. has a huge personality – she is funny, silly and definitely very feisty:)  I loved capturing the fun side of her – but I was thrilled to get to capture a serious side of her as well!

These girls will make great big sisters when their little brother or sister makes an appearance in the summer!

LIve Love Laugh Photos Ridgewood photography2015-03-18 Emma and Audrey Manning004_WEB2015-03-18 Emma and Audrey Manning005_WEB2015-03-18 Emma and Audrey Manning006_WEB2015-03-18 Emma and Audrey Manning009_WEB2015-03-18 Emma and Audrey Manning010_WEB2015-03-18 Emma and Audrey Manning011_WEB

It took me a MONTH (as Alexa kept reminding me) but it is better late than never and this week I finally took the girls to my photo studio for their 7 year photo shoot.  Even though they don’t always want to have their pictures taken (they suffer from an acute case of PCS (Photographer Child Syndrome) and they don’t always cooperate, I still love doing their birthday photo shoots, documenting what they are like at this age, what they like to read, what they like to play with and see how much they change from year to year.  And of course we always take pictures with Big – their teddy bear that the girls’ve had since they were 5 months old!

I did not think that they’ve changed much from last year, but seeing their 6 and 7 year old pictures side by side made me realize that my babies are definitely not babies any more, their faces lost last traces of baby fat, they thinned out and grew, they lost baby teeth and got grown up teeth and now they definitely are BIG girls.  Of course I knew that, but seeing these pictures and comparing them to last year ones made me feel very nostalgic… I love having 7 year olds but it is OK to miss my 6 year olds, right ?:)

2014-02-21 6 year shoot_37_WEB

2014-02-21 6 year shoot_4_WEB

2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_29_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_24_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_17_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_4_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_11 cropped_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_8_WEB

2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_46 cropped_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_55 cropped_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_50_WEB2015-03-31 Mia and Alexa_47_WEB

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