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What do you think of these children portraits I took at my Ridgewood photo studio a few days ago?   They are pretty great, if I can say so myself:)  Now what if I told you that I got all these photographs (plus more!) in just 10 minutes!  That’s right – another 10 minute photo shoot!  My best friend was visiting me with her kids – they wanted to check out my studio and while we were there I decided to do a super quite photo shoot.

Beautiful children (inside and out) and their equally amazing Mom, great light and a professional photographer who knows what she is doing – that’s a perfect combination for great pictures!  Yep, I am pretty modest, I know:)

2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda_5_WEB2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda2015-08-21 Sharda

Now if you think these children photographs are great, think about what amazing pictures of YOUR kids and YOUR family I can create at my New Jersey photo studio?  And your shoot will take more than 10 minutes:)  So if you are looking for a New Jersey professional photographer to create beautiful natural children portraits of your little (and big) ones, book your session today!

Can I just say how much I love seeing and photographing this family?  I first met them 3 years ago when M. was still in her momma’s belly and since then I’ve photographed them more times than I remember – I think we are on our 8th session!  It is so amazing for me to see M. turn from a beautiful newborn to a smart, funny and just as beautiful girl who is full of personality.  I love how she remembers me when she seems me at a photo session and how she wants me to stay over at their house for a sleep over:)

Just like last year, this year we decided to split M. 3rd birthday photo shoot between several locations to get many different images and settings.  We started at my Ridgewood photography studio, then headed outside for outdoors family pictures (there is a beautiful bright blue door right of my studio – and it makes for a beautiful backdrop for family images!) and then went to downtown Ridgewood for a few more outdoor images.

M. is hilarious and has so many sweet expressions that I was able to capture.  She is in a very girly phase right now so of course we had to get pictures of her in her tiara and her ‘gown’ – her words!   There were tickles, lots of snuggles and laughter, silly faces and pouty lips.  This girl is SO LOVED and I think these images capture that!

2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0001_WEB

2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0006_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0008_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0013_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0015_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0011_WEB

2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0017_WEB

2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0020_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0019_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0025_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0026_WEB

2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0027_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0033_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0032_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0030_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0035_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0038_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0039_WEB


2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0040_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0041_WEB2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0042_WEB

2015-07-30 Libretta Family_0043_WEB

Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is a New Jersey Professional photographer.  Our natural light photography studio is located in Bergen County – in beautiful Ridgewood, right next to Hohokus and Saddle River.  Our photography studio is a light and airy and is a perfect place for beautiful professional pictures of your babies, children and families.  If you are looking for a top end, most exclusive children photographer in Bergen County look no further – you will love images captured by Lena Antaramian.

Every year during our family beach vacation in Ocean City New Jersey we go to the beach where I photograph Victor and the girls.  And each year this photo session takes about an hour or so.   This year we had to do a super-expedited version because the second we pull up by the beach to do the shoot, it started raining and we saw lighting!  I was so disappointed (convincing my girls to wear dresses takes forever!) and even thought about skipping our annual beach photo shoot.  But when we started to drive back home the rain stopped, we did not see any more lighting so we decided to try our luck and headed back to the beach.

The sky looked very menacing so I knew I had to work fast.   And knowing my girls (and the fact that they never take direction from me) I just decided to let them do what they wanted to know, which was run around on the beach.  And would not you know it, 10 minutes into the shoot we heard thunder and it started raining hard so we had to pack up and leave.  But I am pretty happy with the beach photos I was able to get in literally 10 minutes!

2015-08-11 beach shoot_30_WEB

2015-08-11 beach shoot_23_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_24_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_21_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_22_WEB

2015-08-11 beach shoot_1_WEB

2015-08-11 beach shoot_WEB

2015-08-11 beach shoot_5 cropped_WEB


2015-08-11 beach shoot_8_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_9_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_11_WEB

2015-08-11 beach shoot_12_WEB

2015-08-11 beach shoot_29_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_28_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_27_WEB2015-08-11 beach shoot_15_WEB

As a New Jersey family photographer I love meeting and photographing new families and I am fortunate (knock on wood) to be adding more and more families to my growing list of clients.  But I think I am even more fortunate to have so many of my ‘old’ families to come back to me year after year, session after session.

Like this family, who I’ve been photographing for over FIVE years – even since this handsome little guy was just born!  I’ve said it many times before and I am sure I will say it many times again – it is so amazing for me to see ‘my’ newborns and how much they change!  My clients’ kids surely do grow up fast and it is such a privelage to see them change from a newborn, to a chubby baby to an adorable toddler to a handsome pre-schooler!

This time we did an extended family session – with grandparents and cousins visiting from out of town and out of country.  We chose a park in Wyckoff for this extended family session – this location is perfect for photoshoots with young kids – it is safe, picturesque and there is plenty of room of the kids to run around.   I love how the images turned out and I think they capture the love these guys have for each other!  I think I may have a bit of a soft spot for them because they remind me of MY family:)

2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal002_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal005_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal006_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal007_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal013_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal015_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal018_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal019_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal020_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal021_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal022_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal026_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal027_WEB2015-07-31 Grishma and Kamal028_WEB

Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is known throughout Ridgewood, Bergen County and Northern New Jersey for her lifestyle and fun approach to family photo sessions; she makes sessions fun and a very enjoyable experience for kids and grown ups alike.  If you are looking for a professional photographer to photograph your family and your children and are located in Ridgewood, Saddle River, Hohokus, Wyckoff or surrounding towns, reach out to us to book your session.  With a stunning natural light photography studio located in Ridgewood, a few miles away from Saddle River, Lena Antaramian conducts her photo sessions at the studio as well as on-location.

Last week my sister and her family came to visit us from Altanta.  To say that we were excited is an understatement!  We see each other only 2-3 times a year – which totally stinks, because before they moved we used to see each other once a month.  So we tried to pack up as much as we could into their 2 night sleep-over at our house: LOTS of playtime with their cousins, quality time (including a LOOONG kids free lunch date with my sisi) an.

My sister has not seen my new Ridgewood photo studio so we took the girls for a little ‘field trip’ there.   Being a children photographer, I could not NOT photographer my lovely nieces at the studio.  The girls were not excited about the idea of a photo session (no matter how short it was) so they have us 5 minutes!  Not much time at all but I was able to get a few gems:)

2015-07-30 Cousins_16_WEB2015-07-30 Cousins_25 B&W_WEB2015-07-30 Cousins_14 B&W_WEB2015-07-30 Cousins_11_WEB2015-07-30 Cousins_2_WEB2015-07-30 Cousins_30 B&W_WEB

including this one, which may be my favorite picture of them together:)

2015-07-30 Cousins_WEB

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