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It’s here, its here – the time for our vacation is here!  As always, I finished packing with less than an hour to go before our taxi picks up us and takes us to the airport.  And then it is Austrian Alps, Slovenian towns and Italian piazzas for us!  Don’t forget to check back in for vacation pictures!

2014-09-26 Day 3_2

It’s been MONTHS since our Transylvanian vacation but I figured it is better late than never so here is a write up and pictures from our trip.  This is a longer travel post than I usually do because a lot of my friends asked me about this trip (it is not a very common travel destination after all) so I decided to share what we did in more details.

I want to start by saying (well, writing) that while we did have a good time and Transylvania is beautiful, this place is definitely off the beaten path.  So if you are planning a European vacation or even an Eastern European vacation my personal opinion is to go to other place – Croatia is absolutely beautiful, Montengro is lovely, Poland (a bit off the beaten path as well) is well worth a visit and Czech Republic – especially Prague – that must be on everyone’s To Visit list if you ask me.  So if you have been to lots of other places and are looking for adventure, unusual castles, colorful houses and are not afraid of some dilapidated areas, abandoned buildings and sharing a road with horses and buggies then Transylvania is a place for you!

When Victor suggested we go to Romania I turned down this idea right away – we went to 5 eastern european countries the year before and I thought I had my fill of Eastern Europe.  But then I did some reason (and Hotel Transylvania 2 was being released) – Transylvania actually looked pretty cool and unlike anything we’ve seen before.  So before long our research was done, our itinerary finalized, tickets, hotels and car booked and suite cases packed (granted – that last task took place the day of the flight!) and we were ready to go!

We arrived in Bucharest – and stayed in the Old Town, which was pretty cool.  The area we stayed was all pedestrian – cobble stone streets, lots of restaurants, cool churches and buildings.  Some of them were in a pretty bad shape but overall it was an interesting (in a good way) experience.

2015-09-15 Bucharest_WEB2015-09-15 Bucharest_19_WEB2015-09-15 Bucharest_20_WEB2015-09-15 Bucharest_24_WEB

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in Transylvania but given that we had just a bit under two weeks we needed to limited out itinerary so we decided on Saxon Triangle – which consists of Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu.   Our first stop was Brasov which I fell in love with when I first saw it.  We stayed right in the main square with windows overlooking the main church which was awesome!  I was surprised at how colorful the city was – it reminded me of La Boca in Buenos Aires and Guanajuato in Mexico – and it was a fun place to bring your camera to.

Unfortunately that’s where things went downhill from me because I got sick… Being sick stinks, being sick while traveling abroad – stinks so much more!   I remember leaving a restaurant without getting a dessert (which was a first for me!), searching for a pharmacy and hoping and praying that a pharmacist would speak english and be able to give me something that would make me feel better.  This cold lasted more or less the whole trip – a few days into it I lost my voice completely and could only whisper.   I was able to have a few good hours each day (the time when my medicine kicked in) to walk around and experience each city and towards the end of the trip I was able to do that more and more.

So back to Brasov – it is a quaint little town with cobble stone streets and old town where no cars are allowed.  There are plenty of beautiful small streets to get lost in, old churches and chapels, and tiled roofs – a photographer’s paradise!  And the food was really good – we had some of the best meals in Romania there!

2015-09-16 Brasov_23_WEB2015-09-16 Brasov_WEB2015-09-16 Brasov_32_WEB2015-09-16 Brasov_2_WEB

After Brasov we were on our way to Sighiosoara – another old Saxon town – sharing the highway with people on horses and carriages.

2015-09-17 To sighisoara_1_WEB

We did take a detour to visit Peles castle and it was so worth it!  We were contemplating between going there or to Bran – also known as the Dracula’s castle.    We decided on the Peles castle (although we did end up going to see Bran as well) and if I had to choose between these two I would pick Peles.  It is a relatively new castle (only around a hundred years old) and it is absolutely beautiful.  The setting for it is stunning, it has beautifully decorated rooms with modern conveniences (Romanian Royalty knew how to live!) and it was unlike anything we’ve seen before.  I highly recommend taking a guided tour of the castle – we did it and learnt a ton!

2015-09-17 Peles Castle_WEB

Then stop was a beautiful Saxon town of Sighisoara which I think was my favorite of the whole trip.  The Old Town part of it (where we stayed) is tiny but so beautiful.  Cobble stone streets, very colorful building, old churches and towers.  And for those of you who are history enthusiasts – a house where Vlad the Impaler was born!

2015-09-18 Sighisoara_44_WEB2015-09-18 Sighisoara_9_WEB2015-09-18 Sighisoara_WEB2015-09-18 Sighisoara_7_WEB2015-09-18 Sighisoara_17_WEB2015-09-18 Sighisoara_27_WEB2015-09-18 Sighosoara_WEB

After spending a few relaxing days in beautiful Sighisoara we were on our way to the last Saxon town on our trip – Sibiu.  On the way there we took a detour through Romanian Country side which is pristine and beautiful and I think it looks the same way it did a hundred years ago!

2015-09-19 To Sibiu - Biertan and Country side_28_WEB2015-09-19 To Sibiu - Biertan and Country side_33_WEB2015-09-19 To Sibiu - Biertan and Country side_22_WEB2015-09-19 To Sibiu - Biertan and Country side_WEB2015-09-19 To Sibiu - Biertan and Country side_6 B&W_WEB

Sibiu is the largest of the three Saxon towns we’ve visited and definitely felt like a big(ish) city.  As always we stayed right in the heart of old town, overlooking main square.  We did most of the same – exploring, eating and taking pictures:)

2015-09-20 Sibiu_33_WEB2015-09-20 Sibiu_2 B&W_WEB2015-09-20 Sibiu_50_WEB2015-09-20 Sibiu_16_WEB2015-09-20 Sibiu_1 B&W_WEB2015-09-20 Sibiu_5_WEB2015-09-20 Sibiu_WEB

While doing our research on Romania Victor found that there is a beautiful scenic drive through the mountains – Transfagarasan, which according to some is one of the top 10 drives in the world.. and of course we had to take it.  We saw pictures of it beforehand it and did look stunning.  But would not you know it – when we were there it was SO FOGGY!  it was so foggy that I was seriously worried about our safety and praying and hoping that we would see our girls away.  We had to drive ‘indian style’ – i.e. honking at each turn (and there were so many hairpin turns!) to let other drives know that you were coming.  We literally could not see more than 15-20 feet out!  So not only it was scary but because of the fog we could not see much of the stunning scenery.

2015-09-21 Highway_28_WEB2015-09-21 Highway_15_WEB

But being a smart man that he is, Victor suggested that we take a detour to the other side of the mountain and what did we see there – sun peaking through the clouds!

2015-09-21 Highway_2 cropped_WEB

We made our way to Brasov for one more night and then headed off to Bucharest to finish our Romanian holiday.

2015-09-21 Brasov_1_WEB

On the way we did stop at Bran – a.k.a. Dracula Castle, which despite its name was very charming!

2015-09-22 Brand Castle_6_WEB2015-09-22 Brand Castle_3_WEB

After we got back home I told Victor that while I loved spending time with him (after all, who would not!) and had a good time, Romania was definitely not my favorite travel destination.  I think being sick and not feeling 100% for most of the trip had something to do with it.  But looking through the pictures of the trip I did realize that this place IS beautiful, it is unusual and unlike anything we’ve seen before.  So if you are in the mood for that – Romania should be on your travel list!

Every since since I opened my Ridgewood photo studio, around my girls’ birthday I bring them to the studio for their annual studio birthday photoshoot.  This is how the idea of offering Milestones sessions was born by the way – I loved having annual images of my girls and wanted every parent to have an opportunity to capture their kids getting older, documenting their special toys, books and and everything that makes them who they are.

Each year I photograph them I think about how grown up they look and then when I look at these images the following year I realize that they still looked like babies!  Here are the pictures for the girls 7 year old photoshoot and here are from the 6 year old shoot.  And I am sure when I look at these pictures next year I will think that my girls looked like babies:)   Looking through these images brings me back to the time when my girls were 6 and 7 – they make me remember what toys they played with, what books they read, what silly expressions they made and that’s really priceless.

So parents, don’t put off photographing your children –  they grow and change so quickly – you blink and the chubby cheeks and bellies are gone; you blink again and baby teeth are out, you blink once more and their faces are all thinned out and their smiles look different.  So bring out your camera (and not your cell phone!) and photograph them with their favorite things, things that you will want to remember down the road.  And if you can – hire a professional to do so because some things are best left to professionals and I think capturing family memories is one of them.

2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_8 B&W_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_31_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_34_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_41 B&W_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_38 B&W_WEB

2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_55_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_27_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_63_WEB

2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_67_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_65_WEB

2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_70 B&W_WEB2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_46_WEB

And after we finished with the studio portion of the pictures Alexa asked me to photograph her on her ripstick – which she absolutely ROCKS!

2016-02-21 Mia and Alexa 8 year old photoshoot_79 B&W_WEB


Live Love Laugh Photos Ridgewood photography studio is a great place for newborn sessions – there is plenty of room, great lights, lots of cute hats, hair accessories and blankets to choose from – I love holding newborn sessions there.  But there is something to be said about on-location at-home lifestyle newborn sessions.  I don’t do them very often but when I do – I really enjoy them!

So when would you choose an at-home lifestyle newborn sessions vs a studio newborn photo session?  If you want to focus on your adorable cuddly new bundle of joy and get lots of sleepy images of your naked baby, focusing on tiny toes and fingers, squshy cheeks and long eye lashes  – then a studio photo session the right option for you – and our Ridgewood photo studio is a great place to have your newborn photo session.   Will there be pictures of Mommy and Daddy with their new addition?  Of course there will be!  With a studio session you don’t need to worry about anything – you just bring your baby and your diaper bag and I will take care of the rest.

At home newborn sessions are a little different.  First of all these sessions are best done a bit later than studio sessions – usually within 4 to 8 weeks.  During this time your baby is a bit more awake, more aware of his or her surroundings and his personality starts to shine through.  This also give Mom a bit more time to recover from not-so-easy task for bringing a new human into this world!  At home lifestyle sessions are more relaxed and laid back than studio – they are all about capturing you and your baby in your home, doing what you do best – cuddling and gazing into your baby’s eyes!:) There will be images of the baby, (don’t worry, you will have plenty of options for your birth announcements!) but these images are not as posed as studio ones.  At home photo sessions are great to capture you in your home, surrounded by your favorite things and people.

I was thrilled when this Mom reached out to me and asked me to photograph her newborn twins.  I love all babies but newborn twins (and twin girls!) have a very special place in my heart:)  When I first saw them I think I squeeled with joy – they were so perfect and dainty – they looked like beautiful dolls!  And even at the tender age of 4 weeks these girls had very different personalities – one was more laid back and another one demanded a bit more attention:)  They were equally sweet though and I absolutely loved spending a morning with them in their stunning nursery (seriously, this place looks like it belongs in a magazine!) and capturing them being bathed in love by their Mom and Dad!

Bergen county at home newborn photo session

Bergen County newborn photographer

2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn21_WEBRidgewood newborn photographerSaddle River newborn photographerBergen county newborn photography2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn29_WEB2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn34_WEBLive Love Laugh Photos newborn photographer2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn36_WEBFranklin Lakes newborn photographerOld Tappan Newborn photography session2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn44_WEBSaddle River newborn photography session2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn50_WEBNewborn twins photography in Ridgewood2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn56_WEB2016-03-15 Olivia and Juliana Newborn57_WEBAt home newborn photo session in bergen CountyRidgewood newborn photographer

Bergen County newborn hpotographer

So if you live in Ridgewood, Franklin Lakes, Ramsey or other surrounding towns in Bergen County and would like an at-home newborn photo session contact me – I would love to capture you and your bundle of joy!

Did you know that the first thing my Signature Photo sessions clients see is a beautiful slideshow with highlights from their family, newborn or children session?  I realized that I have not shared a slideshow here in a while so here is one for your enjoyment – highlights from a Bergen County at-home lifestyle newborn session I had with two adorable girls!  Enjoy!

C a t e g o r i e s
A r c h i v e