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I don’t think I ever mentioned it here but we live on the best street – there are 11 kids on our block and they all get along great (most of the time!).  One of my neighbors (incidentally a mom of twin boys!) and I have been talking to play hookie and go to the beach with the kids one summer day…. things like bad weather and work kept getting in the way but the stars have finally aligned this week and on the first day of summer break we made it happen!

The kids did awesome on the drive down to Sandy Hook (they may’ve been lots of silly songs sang and shopkins traded), the weather was absolutely perfect, the beach not too crowded and the water – not very cold!    They all had such a blast playing in waves, running on the beach, collecting cool shells and rocks and building sand sculptures!  And what made the trip even cooler is that we ran into another family from our school – it was funny that we traveled all the way down to the shore and ended up setting shop next to another Ridgewood family:)   And to finish off a perfect beach day we headed to Inlet Cafe and had some of the best lobster rolls I’ve ever had!!  Summer is off to a great start!

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I am known throughout Ridgewood and Bergen County for family and children photography and most of my clients have younger kids.  But when this Mom called me about having a family photo session with her ‘older’ kids in their home in Cresskills I was very excited!  I love photographing young kids but there is definitely something to be said about working with pre-teens and teenagers – and even kids in their twenties!  I did not need to revert to silly jokes or make funny faces – instead we chatted, laughed and I gotta to learn a bit about these awesome kids!

This Mom told me that she chose Live Love Laugh Photos for their family pictures because she loved the love and emotions showed in my images – which made me really happy because that’s what I always try to capture at every session!  I think it is safe to say that we got all of that captured in this Cresskill family photo session!

Cresskill Family photographer008Cresskill Family photographer011Cresskill Family photographer005Cresskill Family photographer012Cresskill Family photographer007Cresskill Family photographer010Cresskill Family photographer009

Cresskill Family photographer004

Cresskill Family photographer013Cresskill Family photographer001Cresskill Family photographer002Cresskill Family photographer003Cresskill Family photographer006

If you’ve been following my family photography blog for a while this family will look familiar to you – this is not the first time I photographed them and I think it is not the last one either:)  At the photoshoot we tried to remember how many family photo sessions we’ve had together and how many years I’ve been photographing them for and lost count – I think it’s been at least 6 years and 7 sessions!  I had the great pleasure of watching the boys grow from toddlers to big kids (the oldest is going to middle school in the fall!) and see them become a family of 5!

This photoshoot took place around little G. third bday so he got a bit more attention than his brother during photoshoot.  I think that’s a common occurrence  though because this little guy is ADORED by everybody in this family.  Being a Bergen County family photographer I meet and photograph lots of amazing families and I love capturing love between family members.  But every once in a while you photograph a family where you can FEEL the love – do I sound like a song from a Disney movie?:)  This is the case with these guys – big brothers were almost arguing about who would get to be in pictures with G!  They were sweet and so caring and did a great job making him laugh (along with the Dad!).  I did not turn around much during a photoshoot to see what was going on behind me and how these gentlemen were making G. laugh – I think some things are best left unseen:)

I love how happy and full of energy these images are – I think they reflect the T. family perfectly!

2016-06-01 Taubin Family003_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family005_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family007_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family008_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family011_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family013_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family014_WEB


2016-06-01 Taubin Family018_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family017_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family021_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family024_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family027_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family028_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family029_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family030_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family031_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family033_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family036_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family037_WEB

And if you are located in Bergen County or anywhere in Northern New Jersey and are looking for a great professional family photographer to capture your family portraits look no further and give me a call – I would love to photograph you!

Back in April during school break we went on a European vacation – with the girls this time.  It was absolutely amazing – a long roadtrip through Austria, Slovenia, and Italy, with a small detour in Germany.  I am still editing pictures from that trip and there will be a separate blog post dedicated to it – I promise.  But I do have some vacation pictures for your viewing pleasure – pictures from a professional photoshoot we had in Venice!

As you know, we hire a photographer for our family photos every year ( I do believe what I preach and, like so many of my clients, value family pictures!) but this year I thought it would be fun to do it while we were on vacation!  It was right around my birthday – I turned 40 the day after these pictures were taken-  so that was a great excuse:)

All of us had a blast at the session and the girls loved our photographer so much that Mia asked if she could photographer us when we are in Europe again because ‘America would be too far for her to travel':)

So enjoy!

Venice_22.04.16_009 modified_WEBVenice_22.04.16_020 Modified_WEBVenice_22.04.16_012_WEBVenice_22.04.16_023_WEB

Venice_22.04.16_048 modified_WEB

Venice_22.04.16_056_WEBVenice_22.04.16_061 modified_WEBVenice_22.04.16_054_WEBVenice_22.04.16_037_WEBVenice_22.04.16_035_WEB


And if you are traveling to the US on vacation I highly recommend hiring a photographer to capture YOUR family vacation photos and if you are anywhere in the NYC metro area I would love to do it:)

There is so much I can tell you about this great Allendale family photo session.  I can tell you that first time I met and photographed them they were a family of three and L. was just under a year old.  I can tell you about how great it was to see him again as as a pre-school graduate –  running around and giving me hugs.  I can tell you about how funny and energetic and feisty M. was and how wonderful it was to meet her in person.  I can tell you how much I love watching families grow and that I feel very honored when my Bergen County families come back to me year after year to document precious memories in family pictures.  I can tell how much I enjoyed photographing this family at two new (for me) Bergen county locations – in Wyckoff and Allendale.  I can tell you all these things but instead I will let this Mom do all the talking – here is what she had to say about their Bergen County family photo session:

“In addition to taking stunning photographs – including what is quite likely the best photograph of our family ever – Lena has such a warm and friendly personality that my two small children were literally running up to the her and hugging her throughout the shoot! It was cute to see that, but I wasn’t sure if they were “behaving” well enough as they were running around acting crazy to get any good photos. My fears were unfounded! Lena found the magic in those real moments. This was our second time being photographed by her, and I have to say, her photos just get better and better! I know what I like, and Lena listened to my vision for the shoot and definitely incorporated my wishes with her beautiful artistic vision. Thanks, Lena! :)”


2016-05-20 Bratten Family022_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family037_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family026_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family002_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family045_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family023_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family017_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family024_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family013_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family006_WEB


Allendale family photo session2016-05-20 Bratten Family051_WEB

Allendale family photographer

2016-05-20 Bratten Family056_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family057_WEB2016-05-20 Bratten Family060_WEB

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