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It is hard to think about winter holidays when it is 90+ degrees out but winter will be here before you know. And with the winter holidays there is always an inevitable task of picking out images and designing your holiday cards.

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Photo session in bergen county

Every year my photogs besties from all over the US (and two very special Canadians!) get together for a girls weekend.  We’ve done it in Austin, Cape Cod, Chicago and Boston and this year we met up in Kansas City!  Why Kansas City you may ask?  I will tell you – because it is right in the middle of the country and because my awesome friend Janie offered to host!  When Victor asked me where exactly in Kansas we were going I replied that I was not sure.. When he asked what we were going to do there, I replied that I did not know.  When he asked how I was going to get from the airport to Janie’s house I replied that I was not sure but I was hoping that it would all be sorted out.  And it was!

After doing these reunions for a few years all of us realized that we don’t need fancy hotels, expensive restaurants or lots of tourist attractions – all we need is a place for all of us to be together, to catch up, to laugh (and cry!) to listen and support each other, to talk about families, children, husbands, business, health, workouts, paleo recipes, healthy eating, travels, active wear, and everything else under the sun.  To say that I love these girls is a major understatement!

This weekend was exactly what I needed and I was so relaxed that I barely took any pictures!  Seriously, I think I only took 20 images with my big camera!  But I think between all 10 of us this trip will be pretty well documented – and even if it is not I will always remember it!

And here are some highlights from the weekend – and please excuse some of my low res iPhone pictures:)

We did morning yoga in Janie’s gorgeous backyard:


and laughed uncontrollably on many many many occasions:


2016-07-08 Kansas City - Plaza_11 B&W_WEB

We made Flat Stanley-esque stick figures of two of our friends who were not able to come and carried them with us everywhere:


2016-07-08 Kansas City_2_WEB

We went shopping:

2016-07-08 Kansas City - Plaza_8_WEB2016-07-08 Kansas City - Plaza_3_WEB

2016-07-08 Kansas City_12_WEB

and posed for pictures:2016-07-08 Kansas City - Plaza_1_WEB

2016-07-08 Kansas City_4_WEB

we made some yummy paleo meals:

2016-07-08 Kansas City - Plaza_WEB

and did some sightseeing:

2016-07-08 Kansas City_9_WEB



We painted each other nails:

2016-07-08 Kansas City B&W_WEB

and hung out on swings:


we took lots of selfies:


and enjoyed beautiful Kansas scenery:


And way too soon it was time to say our tearful good byes and head back home.

2016-07-09 Back Home_1_WEB

I miss these amazing ladies terribly – the only thing that makes it a little better is that the date and location for our 2017 reunion has already been set!

  • Michele Anderson - I love these so much! It was almost painful to look at/read though because it makes my heart ache to miss you all so much. xoxo

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may noticed that I often write how much I loved a certain session or a family… and it may sound redundant when I say that time and time again but it does not make it any less true – I do love my families and the images I create for them.

Case in point is family/session – this was my first family photo shoot with them but I’ve known them for a while –  big sister S. is my Alexa’s best friend and because our kids get along so well we met up with the parents and would not you know – we get along great with them so now we are family friends!  And if that was not perfect enough – they also have a wheaten terrier and you know that since getting our Millie I’ve been obsessed with all things dog related:)

It seems that every parent comes to a photo session worried about their kids ‘behaving’ and I always reassure them that kids just need to be themselves – they don’t need to pose or smile on command at their photo sessions with me.   And once parents let go of their expectations of that their children should be doing we all start to have fun!

At this Wyckoff family photo shoot the parents were relaxed from the very beginning and their mood reflected in their kids.  The kids were being kids – happy, silly, loud, loving and I got to capture just that.  And while every family session I photograph is unique in its own way, what is common among all my family photo sessions is that I capture emotions and love and it makes me so happy to do that!

Looking at these images makes me smile and what’s even more important it made these parents smile:)  At their viewing/ordering session there were so may ‘awwwwws’ and at the end this Mom told me that these photographs were exactly what she wanted captured.  And to me there is no higher praise than that!

2016-07-13 Hoffman Family002_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family003_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family004_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family007_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family008_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family009_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family010_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family011_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family012_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family014_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family016_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family018_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family023_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family025_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family026_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family028_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family029_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family031_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family033_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family034_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family035_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family037_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family038_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family041_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family044_WEB

Are you wondering why this blog has been a little quiet last couple of weeks?  Well, I will tell you – I’ve been busy taking care of my brand new fur baby!  I am completely obsessed with her and as a result I needed to take a short break from editing.  But going back to work when ‘work’ was editing this session with one of my favorite families did not feel like much work at all!

I loved seeing these guys again.  I first met them about 3 years ago  – when big brother D. was just a little toddler – and have loved seeing and photographing them ever since.  I saw them last for their Christmas photoshoot at my Ridgewood studio and I was absolutely amazed by how much little L. has changed – he turned two a few days after this photoshoot but his vocabulary is fit for a 5 year old!  He was such a chatter box!  And his big brother was hilarious – checking out magic ‘tree bar code’ from trees:)  These boys look so different but they are equally adorable.  And I feel so honored that this family choose me year after year after year and don’t mind driving two hours EACH WAY for their photo session with me in Ridgewood.

Cresskill family photographer

2016-06-29 Coppola Family006_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family008_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family009_WEB


2016-06-29 Coppola Family031_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family030_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family027_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family026_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family024_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family023_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family022_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family021_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family020_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family019_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family017_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family016_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family015_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family014_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family003_WEB2016-06-29 Coppola Family010_WEB

I am so excited I could burst!  I am happy to announce that we are a family of FIVE!  Introducing our 11 lbs bundle of hairy joy – Caramel Millie (or Millie for short) is a 10 week old wheaten terrier!  She is absolutely nutty (does not sit still even for a minute, which made taking her ‘official’ portrait almost impossible!) but we are so in love with her!!!  I am sure you will be seeing lots of pictures of Millie on the blog:)  So excited to be a pet parent!!

2016-06-26 Millie_WEB2016-06-26 Millie_3_WEB

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