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From wrinkly sleepy newborns to coos of alert babies to toothless grins of mischievous almost-toddlers; learning how to sit up and how to walk, the first year of your child’s life is full of amazing milestones.   As a Mom I captured these milestones of my own children and I would love you to be able to have these memories captured as well.  And that’s how the idea of my Baby’s First Year Plan was born.

Baby Plan membership fee covers sessions during the first thirteen months of your baby’s life. It is $2500 and includes:

  • Two weekday Signature Sessions and a $750 print credit for each session – total credit of $1500
  • One studio all-inclusive Milestone Baby session (optional upgrade to a family session is available)
  • One 11×14 canvas for every session held during the Baby Plan period
  • One set of 25 birth announcements or holiday cards
  • Priority Booking for Annual Free Holiday Studio Mini Sessions (includes a complimentary mini session and one digital image)

With a Baby Plan you can add the following optional add-ons to the package:

With a Baby Plan, between canvases and custom cards you receive over $1350 worth of boutique goodies!

Because of the amount of time invested in each Baby Fist Year Plan, I will be taking only a limited number of Baby Planners a year.  So if this sounds like something you would like to do, reach out to me ASAP to book your spot!  And then start thinking about where you will be displaying beautiful canvases that you will receive with each session!

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In this edition of Throw Back Thursday I present to you a Ridgewood family session from 2015!

As a New Jersey family children photographer, I have a lot of repeat clients who come back to me to have their family portraits done year after year, session after session.  I love catching up with parents and always look forward to seeing how much kids change from session to session.

Take this Ridgewood family.  I first met them for a session for big sister E. when she was turning one and her baby sister L. was still in her Momma’s tummy.   Then we did L. newborn session at my Ridgewood studio – it was awesome to meet this adorable baby girl face to face.  Then there was a studio Holiday session at my Ridgewood photo studio – it is amazing how different baby L. looked from her newborn photos.  And lastly there was this session – to celebrate baby L. turning 1 and this amazing Mom (and Dad) surviving a year with two kids under two:)

These sisters are both adorable but are so different in terms of personalities, which was so interesting to witness.  Big sister E. is a bit dramatic and L. is so laid back and easy going!  I was able to get lots of smiles from both of them though:)

I am thrilled that a beautiful collage of canvases that I designed for them with images from this session will join a beautiful collage of canvases with images from a session last year that I did of them!  I love when my clients decorate their homes with wall art from their sessions – I think there is no better way to bring a home to life!

2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0026_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0016_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0009_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0020_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0023_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0025_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0028_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0030_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0032_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0033_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0035_WEB2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0037_WEB

2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0043_WEB

2015-06-22 Rackiewicz Family_0047_WEB

In business since 2008, Live Love Laugh Photos is an award winning photographer known in Saddle River, Ridgewood, Franklin Lakes and other towns throughout Bergen County for authentic family photographers that capture the essence of kids and families.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Christmas in the Summer photography special: if you book and hold your session by September 15 you will receive a set of 25 custom designed Holiday Cards with your order! Availability is limited so email to book your session!

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Enjoy this blast from the past in this edition of blog Throw Back Thursday

One of my favorite things about being a New Jersey family photographer is meeting children and families from all over in Bergen County.   And one of my favorite things about meeting new families is seeing love and interaction between parents and kids and brothers and sisters.  And there was so much love at this family session – so much of it that I could almost physically feel it!   As the youngest child and the only girl in a family with two big brothers you expect this young lady to be loved and doted on.  But to say that this baby girl is loved is an understatement.  She is absolutely ADORED by her big brothers and parents.  The brothers were showering her with love (and grass!), kissing and hugging her and making her laugh.  She is one lucky little girl:)  Actually all five of them are pretty lucky because they belong together!

2015-05-16 Rothman Family001_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family003_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family004_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family005_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family006_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family007_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family008_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family012_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family013_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family014_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family016_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family017_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family020_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family021_WEB2015-05-16 Rothman Family022_WEB

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I could not wait to see the results of Live Love Laugh Photos Best of 2016 contest and find out who the big winners were.  So without further ado, here are the winners!

1. The grand prize winner (with 79 votes) is ‘Pretty in Pink’!  This family will receive a beautiful 16×24 gallery wrapped canvas of this stunnning image!

2. The Second Prize winner (with 67 votes) is ‘Wishing Upon a Star!    This family will receive $250 gift certificate towards a 2017 Signature or a Simplicity session!

3. And the winners of a Free studio mini sessions are:  Juliana Napalit and Christina ( .  Ladies please contact me ASAP at to schedule your session.

There can only be one Grand Prize winner but I love all images that made it to the final round and want everybody to be able to display them in their homes. So all finalists in my Best of 20164 contest will receive a 30% discount on a 16×24 gallery wrapped canvas of their ‘finalist’!  Contact me by Feb 28 if you are interested in purchasing it.

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It is time for one of my favorite business traditions –  Live Love Laugh Photo’s annual “Best of the Year” Contest!  I’ve been holding this contest for EIGHT years;  I love being able to give back to my clients through this contest, and each year they tell me how much they appreciate me conducting it!

I took thousands pictures last year and had to enlist my trusty friends in the photography business to help me narrow down images to the top 30.   Now it is up to you to decide which image gets the title of the Image of the Year at Live Love Laugh Photos – and the grand prize that goes along with it:)


1) The image with the most votes wins.  To vote, cast your vote using the poll below (scroll all the way down to the end of the post, past images) and ‘like’ your favorite image in the ‘Best of 2016′ album on Facebook and on Instagram. The winner (an image with the most combined votes) will receive a 16×24 gallery wrapped canvas (valued at $500) of the winning image.

2) The Runner up will receive a $250 gift certificate to be used towards a Simplicity or a Signature session in 2017.

3) TWO random voters will receive a FREE kids winter studio mini session valued at $300!   It can be YOU!  See below on how to enter in a drawing for a mini session.


There are THREE ways to win a mini session.  In order to increase your chances of winning you should do all of the following:

  • Leave a comment on the blog describing why YOU want to win a mini session – scroll below the images to do that.
  • Share the ‘Best of 2016‘ album on Facebook – here is a link to it.  To do so just click on the ‘Share’ link to share it on your wall. You can write a nice comment as well:)  Just make sure you let me know that you shared the album – otherwise I won’t know that you did and you won’t be able to participate in the drawing.
  • Follow Live Love Laugh Photos on Instagram.

I will randomly select two lucky voters from across all three platforms and these guys will receive mini sessions!


Everyone is a winner because if you book a new Simplicity or Signature Session while the contest is running (by February 13) you will receive a free gift valued at $150 with your order!  So if you are thinking about having a session with Live Love Laugh Photos anytime in 2017, NOW is a great time to book.  Keep in mind you can hold your session anytime in 2017.

Please note:

  • Voting will run till the end of day on Saturday, February 13.
  • I will announce the winners on the blog on Sunday, February 14.
  • Please keep things fair and vote only for one image – IP addresses will be monitored.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries or terminate/modify contest if necessary.
  • This content is not sponsored by Facebook.

And now without further ado, I present to you my favorite images of 2016!   Check out the finalists, cast your vote (using radio buttons below all images, FB and Instagram) and leave a comment below for the free session drawing.

Image 1: A Hug for Mommy

Best of 2016 Image001_WEB

Image 2: Beautiful SmileBest of 2016 Image002_WEB Image 3: Double Trouble Double Joy

Best of 2016 Image003_WEB

Image 4: DuckiesBest of 2016 Image004_WEB

Image 5: Fall Family Portrait

Best of 2016 Image005_WEB

Image 6: Good Times

Best of 2016 Image006_WEB

Image 7: Movie Star

Best of 2016 Image007_WEB

Image 8: Boys and Their Dog

Best of 2016 Image008_WEB

Image 9: Family Portrait

Best of 2016 Image009_WEB

Image 10: Tickles With Mommy

Best of 2016 Image010_WEB

Image 11: All Grown Up

Best of 2016 Image011_WEB

Image 12: What Are YOU Reading?

Best of 2016 Image012_WEB

Image 13: Being Silly

Best of 2016 Image013_WEB

Image 14: He Is SO Loved!

Best of 2016 Image014_WEB

Image 15: Stella

Best of 2016 Image015_WEB

Image 16: Through The Leaves

Best of 2016 Image016_WEB

Image 17: At The Farm

Best of 2016 Image017_WEB

Image 18: Have A Cookie

Best of 2016 Image018_WEB

Image 19: Mr Blue Eyes

Best of 2016 Image019_WEB

Image 20: Hug

Best of 2016 Image020_WEB

Image 21: Chatting With Daddy

Best of 2016 Image021_WEB

Image 22: Santa Baby

Best of 2016 Image022_WEB

Image 23: Hollywood Glamour

Best of 2016 Image023_WEB

Image 24: Wishing Upon A Star

Best of 2016 Image024_WEB

Image 25: I Love You THIS Much!

Best of 2016 Image025_WEB

Image 26: Summer Fun

Best of 2016 Image026_WEBImage 27: Best Dressed
Best of 2016 Image027_WEB

Image 28: Growing Up

Best of 2016 Image028_WEB

Image 29: Sisters

Best of 2016 Image029_WEBImage 30: Pretty In Pink
Best of 2016 Image030_WEB

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