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A few weeks ago I met this sweet 3 months old and her parents for a Wyckoff family photo session.  Funny coincidence – this family now lives in Upper Saddle River but the Dad lived in California for many years and he called me to arrange for a session when I was on my girls trip in LA!

Most baby sessions my clients hire me for are either newborn sessions or sitting up sessions (at around 8-9 months) or a one year session.  But I have to say that there is something to be said about a three months session – babies are definitely NOT newborns any more – they are a lot more aware, chunkier, smilier and interact a lot more with their parents.  This was the case with this cute baby N. – she was all smiles and laughter playing with her Mom and Dad.  And the parents were absolutely head over heals in love with her – and it was really amazing to witness and to capture.

If you are located in Bergen County and have a newborn, a baby or a toddler and are looking for a family and children photographer reach out to me.  Lena Antaramian has been photographing babies and children since 2008.  You can choose Live Love Laugh Photos Ridgewood photography studio to do baby pictures; or if you prefer you can do your session on location – Lena is available for photo sessions all over Bergen County.

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When you have clients with young kids who drive two hours (EACH WAY!) for a photo session with you, you know that you must be doing something right:)  I first photographed this family when big brother D. was two years old; now his younger brother is older than that!  I love seeing them every year and always have such a blast with them.  And the fact that they are some of the best dressed kids I’ve seen (their Mom should be my stylist because she does an amazing job picking out the cutest and most styling outfits for them) does not hurt either:)

This family is so sweet and lovely and I honestly cannot say how much I love and appreciate them coming to me (and driving for hours) for their annual photo session with me!

In business since 2008 Live Love Laugh Photos is a Bergen County family photographer with a photo studio located in Ridgewood New Jersey.  Available for baby, children and family photos – on location and at the studio – Live Love Laugh Photos is known for creating fun and natural family images.  You will not only love pictures that we capture during your session but you will also have fun having these pictures taken!

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Last time I photograph this Ridgewood family was a few years ago – it was so great seeing them again.  I was completely amazed at how much older the girls got (from adorable little girls they are way on her way to turning into beautiful young ladies) – yet the parents somehow managed to look younger than ever!:)

You may know this about me – I absolutely LOVE color – all my personal photo shoots are full of colorful outfits.  And when my clients share my love of color it makes me super happy. So you can imagine how THRILLED I was when this Mom showed me her awesome colorful jacket and said that she wanted to use it for the pictures.  We picked out amazing mustard pants for her husband from his closet – and he totally ROCKED them!  Add cool outfits for the girls with cute accessories and we were set for the session.

As I do for a lot of my Signature Photo session clients, we split up the session between their beautiful Ridgewood home (their backyard is absolutely stunning!) and downtown Ridgewood.  I love having family sessions at peoples homes – I think that capturing the place you live in images is really priceless and years down the road you will love having these images.  Besides, where else would you feel more ‘at home’ then … at your home?:)

And downtown Ridgewood is one of my favorite places in Bergen County for family photo sessions .  It is such a quaint little town (I had clients from the city come here for sessions!) and if you live here it makes it even more special having a photo shoot done there – I did it for my own family session a few years ago.    I did not realize this about Ridgewood till I went location scouting but it is full of really cool urban spots that photograph really well and it makes a perfect backdrop for family photos.And after you are done with your photoshoot you have plenty of wonderful restaurants to go to to celebrate an end of a great family photo session, which is what these guys did:)


Live Love Laugh Photos is an award-winning Bergen County family photographer with a photography studio located in Ridgewood New Jersey.   If you are interested in family photos this fall look no further and reach out to us to schedule your family or children photo session.

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Summer is here and that means that a lot of families are taking their annual vacations.  We go onfamily vacations in the spring and every summer we go to Ocean City, NJ but this year was an exception and we took the girls to Iceland and Paris in July instead. It was very crowded (think 1+ hour wait even with ‘fast track’ tickets) and made me remember the reason why we don’t travel in July (all those people!) but we did have a lovely time:)

I wanted to do something a bit different on this trip in terms of photos – I wanted to create images that captured stories, images that felt natural and fresh – even more so than images I usually create; I wanted to produce pictures that were attention grabbing and different.

I decided not to use my old trusted Canon (I LOVE that camera but it is so heavy to be lugging around all over the place) and instead brought my new favorite – Fujifilm Xt-20.  I brought 3 lenses with me but ended up using the kit lens (18-55) most of the time.  This in itself made me think a bit more creatively because usually I travel with at least two lenses and I was limited by what this lens allowed me to do.

So how do you stay ‘fresh’ on vacation and make images that are still ‘you’ and capture your family, but that are different and creative?  I looked through the images I took and put together a list – my Top Ten Tips on how to produce creative images on vacation.  And I illustrated it with pictures from our trip – because who would not want to see pictures of my adorable kids, right? 🙂   By the way – check back in a few weeks for more pictures and details about what we did while in Iceland and France.

And now without further ado I present to you (in no particular order) my Top Ten Tops for Staying Creative While on Vacation!

Tip 1: Do a Shutter Drag

Shutter drag is always fun to do!  It might be a bit challenging doing it on vacation without a tripod but can definitely be managed – you either need to find a surface to hold your camera or take a deep break and hold very very still.  You also need to instruct your subjects to hold as still as they can.  We were at The Musée d’Orsay in Paris (it is one of my top 3 favorite museums in the world – that’s why you will see a few more images from this museum here) and I wanted to capture the chaos and craziness of what it felt like being there at the height of tourist season in July.  I asked my girls to ‘freeze’, closed down my aperture, set shutter speed to 1/2 of a second, steadied myself, took a deep breath (I’ve read that it taking a deep breath before pressing your shutter helps to hold the camera steady) and took this image.

Tip 2: Shoot from Unusual Angles

Instead of taking pictures straight on or from above try shooting from below.  Here I got down on the ground (white pants I was wearing that day were not happy about that!) and took a picture of my girls being ‘a bit’ excited about going to Eiffel Tower – with the tower in the background.

Tip 3: Shoot Through Stuff

I’ve always loved photographing through things – it is super easy to do, frames your subject nicely (and I LOVE framing my subjects) and makes your images more interesting.  Try it!


Tip 4: Use Reflections

Can I just say how much I love reflections?  I think they always make images just a tiny bit more interesting.  So look for reflections wherever you are – be in a reflection in a mirror, window or a puddle!   We were waiting in a cafe for the rain to pass and the girls standing by a glass door.  I asked Alexa to stick her head out .. she did and I captured this image.  I love her expression, being able to see both of them in a reflection and at the same time seeing busy waiters inside – I think it captures Paris cafe culture pretty well.

Tip 5: Use Leading Lines

Using leading lines is not terribly creative or inventive but you should try to look for leading lines in a new way. Here we were going up a spiral staircase to the top of Arch de Triumph; I waited till the staircase was relatively empty and asked Mia to peek at me from the top.


Tip 6: Look for Light

Always always always be on a lookout for beautiful light.  We were heading out of Sacré-Cœur, after a long long day of sightseeing and I put my camera down.. Just then Victor turned around and pointed out to this amazing stream of light coming through the window.. No matter how tired I was I could not go past it without taking a picture so I asked Alexa to try to ‘catch’ that beam of light light.

Tip 7: Shoot Through Glass

Shooting through class can provide very interesting images.  We were looking at the statue of ‘Small Dancer Aged 14‘ at The Musée d’Orsay; this statue is enclosed in a glass case and I asked my girls to go on the side of the case opposite of me.  I thought that seeing them through the glass with the statue in the foreground would create an interesting image.

Tip 8: Play around with Framing

I love to frame my subjects in unusual ways.  In this image one of my girls was reading to my husband a few interesting facts about Paris and my other girl (a.k.a little monkey) was running around.  I thought it would be fun to have her ‘frame’ them and the result of that is this image:

But then again – I like any types of ‘frames’ and doorways always work very well!

Tip 9: Create Silhouettes

Do you know that you can create beautiful silhouette any time of the day – not just at sunrise and sunset?  We were inside The Musée d’Orsay (in case you are wondering – we did other stuff than just spent all other time at this museum) looking at Paris through this giant clock and I asked my girls to standing by the clock.  I thought it would be interesting to ‘frame’ the city by the clock and create silhouette of my girls against the background of the city.

Tip 10: Let Go of Perfection

And sometimes you need to let go of perfection to be able to capture a perfect moment.  This image is not technically perfect – the top of the horse is cut off and the other one is peaking through behind my daughter’s head.  But for me it is imperfectly perfect because it captures this amazing moment of Alexa interacting with an Icelandic horse – messy hair and all!

Hope you found this article useful and are ready now to go out and photograph your kids in creative ways!  And if you are a photographer reading this and want to check out other business tutorials I wrote you can see them all here.

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This Ridgewood family session was SO MUCH FUN – as you can see from the images!  The kids were crazy (just the way I like them!) and the parents were up for anything – and that’s a perfect combination for a lifestyle family session in my opinion:)  We hang our downtown Ridgewood – it is such a great place for fun and ‘urban’ (or as urban as you can get in the ‘burbs) family photos!

If you would like to a do a family session that is fun give me a call – I am known for lifestyle family sessions in and around Ridgewood and would love to photograph your family!

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