Lena, your work is Beautiful the images you capture
are amazing!
A session with you is
worth every penny! Meghan M.

"This was our second session with Lena and she always knows how to capture my boys expressions perfectly.  We have young, active boys and taking pictures has the potential to be VERY difficult, however lena handled the situation with ease. The entire session was a pleasure, I have never worked with someone so dedicated to getting the perfect shot. Lena was diving on the ground in a grassy field and took what seemed like 1000 photos so we would have plenty to choose from. I would definitely work with her again and again."

Aerin T.

"We did a session with Lena and she was magic. She gave me permission to not stress about my kids and their behavior. She made them feel so comfortable and relaxed. She coaxed out their real personalities by inviting through fun, humor, and laughter.  I know as I look back at these photos over the years, I will be instantly transported back in time to these precious moments of our lives that seem to move too quickly.  This my friends, is why Lena Antaramian does what she does and is who she is."

Dani S.

"I have two kids, a full time job, a house, husband, dog….I just don’t have time to write reviews. But Lena deserves my time. We have known Lena since 2013 and she has guided us through four family photo sessions. I have nothing but great things to say. From spending a TON of time picking just the right outfits (which make us all look fabulous), to sessions which are FUN, to the pictures which always make me cry, Lena does it all. There are no rules during sessions – she just goes with the flow and catches AMAZING moments! After each session I wonder how she will pull it off and she never ceases to amaze me. Lena is patient, kind, and full of talent! If you want family photos which far exceed your expectations, and you want to have fun while having them taken, please call Lena!"

Kathy M.

"From the moment I first had my son, I have researched NJ Photographers. I started following Live Love Laugh Photo's on facebook, her blog, and entered into her contests. Her photos just come alive, and make me feel as though I was there in the moment with the family. She just has a natural talent to capture life's moments. Lena invested in making the session perfect. She even spent time helping me choose outfits for my son! The results were magical. I will cherish these photos forever!"

Jerzie-Ann C.

"Our kids were not overly cooperative the day of the shoot (putting it mildly), so we had no idea what to expect (even though Lena kept reassuring us throughout the process). But when we sat down and Lena presented us with our slide show, it moved me to tears (more like sobs). If you've ever thought of doing a family shoot, Lena is truly an artist!!!"

Shelley R.

"In addition to taking stunning photographs - including what is quite likely the best photograph of our family ever - Lena has such a warm and friendly personality that my two small children were literally running up to the her and hugging her throughout the shoot! It was cute to see that, but I wasn't sure if they were "behaving" well enough as they were running around acting crazy to get any good photos. My fears were unfounded! Lena found the magic in those real moments. This was our second time being photographed by her, and I have to say, her photos just get better and better! I know what I like, and Lena listened to my vision for the shoot and definitely incorporated my wishes with her beautiful artistic vision."

Emily Bratten

"Lena is a wonderful photographer! We got to our studio session and my 1 year old wasn't interested in smiling, at all, but somehow Lena was able to get him to smile, and captured images that I am absolutely in love with, and that are 100% his personality! If you want a photographer that can capture a snapshot of your life, Lena should be your only choice. We'll definitely be using her again!"

Brianna S." 

"This was our first session with Lena. Our daughters are 8, 5 and 19 months old. Lena was so patient with our children, knowing exactly what to say and when. The younger two were a bit challenging, and I honestly walked away thinking to myself, there is no way we could have possibly gotten 1 good shot. Well, we have so many beautiful pictures, we had such a hard time choosing what to print!!! Amazing - all I can say is that I am so impressed and I cannot wait for our next session."

Maria Hutchenson

Lena was great.  I have 3 daughters ages 14, 12 and 9.  I was worried that Lena was used to working with little children so it would be hard for her to capture the beauty of a teen, pre-teen and tween but she did and our family pictures are beautiful.  Thanks Lena!

Beth C. 

I have used Lena's services several times and always have been extremely pleased.  We first went to her for family photos when my daughter was around 2 years old.  She captured her perfectly!  There were far too many great shots to choose from.  She even made ME look good!  Years later, those are still my favorite family photos.  Lena's photos from that session and a couple of sessions since then are displayed prominently around our house (on all four floors).  Her photos are like artwork.  

Jim S.

"Not only did our pictures come out amazing we had a great time with Lena and she made the shoot fun and relaxing. Both my girls, ages 3 and 19 months, were happy and excited to be around Lena. I could not be happier with the photos and there is not one thing I would tell Lena to improve on. I would highly recommend her for your next photo shoot!"

Lauren Cuneo

Lena's enthusiasm and passion for photographing families is incredible. For my family session, she helped me every step of the way--from choosing the type of photoshoot, picking out outfits (I called her from the mall several times), discussing the types of images I was looking for, and even choosing the prints for my wall. It is obvious that Lena cares about her clients and wants them to love this experience and ultimately, their images. During the photoshoot, Lena was so relaxed, even when my kids (and dog!) were acting crazy!  When Lena revealed the photos to me, I was amazed and filled with emotion by her ability to capture such beautiful and unique images of my family.  Thank you, Lena, for this wonderful experience. "

Caroline Hoffman