Downtown Ridgewood photo session with older children

Being a Bergen county family photographer I mostly photograph families with young-ish children.  Parents want to get pictures of their newborn, babies, toddlers, little kids and come back to me year after year after year for those photos.   But once children reach a certain age – around 10 or so sessions become less frequent – kids are busy with after school activities and social lives and they just don’t change as much every year.   So while I do photograph tweens and teens I don’t do it often.  But it is always a treat when I do – it is nice to have an adult conversation with my subjects!  I believe these sessions are as important as sessions with young kids  – as they are only a few more years before ‘grown up’ children leave the nest and go to college and I think it is priceless to have these last few years together captured.

I loved meeting this family – Mom and Dad and I hit it off at their pre-session consultation.  They never had their family pictures taken and they wanted to remedy the situation before their oldest went to college.  And when I met the kids I loved them as well!  I imagine that as a teenager having a photographer follow you around and pose you in a public place may not be very comfortable or fun – but these boys did great!  They were funny and relaxed, naturals in front of the camera and very entertaining!  Mom and Dad were amazing together and I cannot get over the way this Dad looked at his wife – with so much love!

They are “in love with the photos” (their words!) and I have to say that I love the way they came out as well!  And I know that a beautiful canvas collage and individual canvases these guys ordered will bring make they smile for years to come!

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