A party of five | Ridgewood fall family photo session

For these guys’ fall family photo session we decided to meet up in downtown Ridgewood.  Ridgewood is a great place for urban photo shoots – it is full of fun and colorful spots there and I love photographing families (especially Ridgewood families) there.  It works great for little kids and teens and tweeens.  And it worked great for this family session.   These three are something else… they were crazy and funny and silly and sweet – just like their Mom told me they would be.  Big sister N. is turning 13 and is well on her way to her teens – she is edgy and cool and can make anyone laugh.  G. – the middle one – is a ‘space cadet’ according to her Mom – she is mellow and very sweet and I loved how confident she is (when I showed her a few pictures I took of her and to every one she would say ‘I look great!’).  And little brother S. – he is absolutely ADORED by his sister and his parents!  I wanted to capture the kids being themselves and that included some silly stairs at their brother, a few cool poses and a few thoughtful/quiet looks.

And of course, even though the focus of this photo session was on the kids, I did capture a few images of this family of five together – family images are very important in my opinion!

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