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Ridgewood lifestyle family photo session | Bergen County photographer

Being a Bergen County family and children photographer for close to 8 years I’ve photographed many many many families over the years.  I do my best to blog these sessions and share what I think makes each family and session special.  As result there are probably hundreds of blog entries on this website and of course you can view them in Archives on this website but really, who has time to look through that, right? 🙂   So I’ve decided to introduce Throw Back Thursdays to this blog!  I am so excited that old family and children sessions will get to see the light of day again as part of Throw Back Thursday series:)  So without further ado I present to you a Ridgewood family photo session I did with one of my favorite families – enjoy!

Can I just say how much I LOVED this Ridgewood family photo session?  This is my fifth session with this awesome family – every time I photograph them I feel that the session I just did is my favorite session. And of course this was the case this year – I absolutely love the images we got and now this is my favorite session of this family:)

This year we decide to split up the session between their Ridgewood home for fun images with their house and downtown Ridgewood – for some urban shots.  That’s a great thing about my Signature sessions – they don’t have to take place in the same location and so many of my clients take advantage of that – and get a great variety of images and capture places that are meaningful to them!

This family loves lifestyle family photography and so do I – and I had a blast photographing parents and kids doing what they do best – having fun together.  There were kites and bubbles, chocolate chip cookies and peek-a-boos, hugs and cuddles and even some upside-down action:)

I love looking through these images – I think they capture an idillic childhood and an immense amount of love these kids grow up with!

2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family002_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family004_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family006_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family008_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family010_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family012_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family013_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family016_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family017_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family019_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family022_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family025_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family026_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family027_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family029_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family030_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family035_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family037_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family038_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family041_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family043_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family044_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family046_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family047_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family052_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family054_WEB2015-05-15 Ainsworth Family055_WEB

Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is a nationally recognized family photographer located in Bergen County New Jersey.  She specializes in authentic lifestyle family images that are not posed and capture precious family memories.  If you are looking for a professional photographer to photograph your children and family and are located in Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Franklin Lakes or other towns in Bergen County please reach out to us to schedule your session.

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Fall family photo session fun in Ridgewood

I’ve been photographing G. and her family for over four years and between family sessions (we’ve done them in their home, downtown Ridgewood, in a park in Wyckoff – just to name a few), studio Christmas sessions and First Communions photo sessions I lost count of how many photoshoots we had together.  What I do know though is that every single session with these guys is so fun and I literally look forward to seeing and photographing them.  I love seeing being able to watch G. grow and document it along the way.  When she was younger she told me that I was ‘a very good picture-taker’.  That, completed with the fact that she LOVES her photoshoots makes for successful photo sessions:)

This family does a family photo session every year but G. is the one who asks her parents to schedule Ridgewood photo studio shoots just for her in between  – Christmas and First Communion ones:)  She loves the camera and the camera (and I!) love her!

I started this photoshoot with hanging out with G. in her bedroom (she has the coolest room!) – she was telling me about her favorite toys, lego sets (I was REALLY impressed with the start wars one!) and books.   Then it was onto a very passionate game of Monopoly, which, I was told, took over TWO days to complete:)  Afterwards we hung out in the backyard for some cuddly images with her Mom and Dad and Grandma as well as some action shots on her swing set.  And once that was done we headed over to a park in Wyckoff for some leaf-throwing fun!:)

I love how these images – I think they capture this amazing girl perfectly.  And I love that this family chooses to decorate their home with their family photos – I love seeing my work being enjoyed by my customers day after day after day!







ridgewood-photographer013ridgewood-photographer014ridgewood-photographer015ridgewood-photographer016ridgewood-photographer017ridgewood-photographer018ridgewood-photographer019ridgewood-photographer020Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is an award-winning photography with a natural light studio located in Ridgewood, Bergen County.  She is known for lifestyle family and children photography and works with clients from Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Allendale, Cresskill, Saddle River and other towns within Bergen County, Northern New Jersey and other towns in NYC Metro area.  If you are looking for natural children or family photos done at your home, on location or at her photography studio please reach out to Lena at lena@livelovelaughphotos.com

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Fall family pictures in Ridgewood | Bergen County family photographer

I first met this family over a year ago when they came to me for a summer family photo session last year.   This year they wanted to do something different so they booked their family photoshoot for October – when foliage is usually at its peak – that’s the most popular time for family pictures.  Dad did an amazing job picking out cozy fall outfits for the entire family!  What we did not anticipate was that it would be 80 degrees in the middle of October!  The kids and their parents were great sports though and rocked their fall outfits like champs.  We did have a blast together – despite being boiling hot – and that joy does come through the pictures!

ridgewood-family-photo-session001ridgewood-family-photo-session002ridgewood-family-photo-session003ridgewood-family-photo-session005ridgewood-family-photo-session006ridgewood-family-photo-session007ridgewood-family-photo-session009ridgewood-family-photo-session011ridgewood-family-photo-session013ridgewood-family-photo-session016ridgewood-family-photo-session017ridgewood-family-photo-session020ridgewood-family-photo-session022ridgewood-family-photo-session023ridgewood-family-photo-session025Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos has been photographing children and families since 2008.  She is an award-winning professional Bergen County photographer known for lifestyle approach to family photo sessions.  With a natural light photography studio located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Lena Antaramian offers studio photo sessions in addition to on-location photo shoots.  If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture your family this holiday season reach out to us.

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Photographing long time clients in Wyckofff | Bergen County family photographer

If you’ve been following my family photography blog for a while this family will look familiar to you – this is not the first time I photographed them and I think it is not the last one either:)  At the photoshoot we tried to remember how many family photo sessions we’ve had together and how many years I’ve been photographing them for and lost count – I think it’s been at least 6 years and 7 sessions!  I had the great pleasure of watching the boys grow from toddlers to big kids (the oldest is going to middle school in the fall!) and see them become a family of 5!

This photoshoot took place around little G. third bday so he got a bit more attention than his brother during photoshoot.  I think that’s a common occurrence  though because this little guy is ADORED by everybody in this family.  Being a Bergen County family photographer I meet and photograph lots of amazing families and I love capturing love between family members.  But every once in a while you photograph a family where you can FEEL the love – do I sound like a song from a Disney movie?:)  This is the case with these guys – big brothers were almost arguing about who would get to be in pictures with G!  They were sweet and so caring and did a great job making him laugh (along with the Dad!).  I did not turn around much during a photoshoot to see what was going on behind me and how these gentlemen were making G. laugh – I think some things are best left unseen:)

I love how happy and full of energy these images are – I think they reflect the T. family perfectly!

2016-06-01 Taubin Family003_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family005_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family007_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family008_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family011_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family013_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family014_WEB


2016-06-01 Taubin Family018_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family017_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family021_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family024_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family027_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family028_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family029_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family030_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family031_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family033_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family036_WEB2016-06-01 Taubin Family037_WEB

And if you are located in Bergen County or anywhere in Northern New Jersey and are looking for a great professional family photographer to capture your family portraits look no further and give me a call – I would love to photograph you!

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Jumping, hugging and laughing gallore | Ridgewood family photo session

Can I just say how much I LOVE outdoor family photo sessions?  And I especially love them after a long long winter during which I spent photographing many family and children at my Ridgewood photo studio.  And while I love my studio and Ridgewood studio sessions, I am thrilled to be able to photograph outdoors again!

I first met this family last year (you can see pictures from their family session in Wyckoff here) and this year to keep things interesting we decided to choose a different location and agreed on having this photoshoot in downtown Ridgewood.  I love photographing families in Ridgewood – and not just because I live and work there:)  It is a really cute town with a very picturesque downtown and I’ve had clients from all over Bergen County (and some from NYC) travel to Ridgewood to have their family photo sessions there.

I always love photographing old clients – seeing how much kids have grown and changed and parents stayed the same:)  And I always feel so honored when people choose me as their family photographer and come back to me year after year after year!

This session was so much fun – there was lots of jumping and hugging and laughing and more jumping!  I had a great time – and I think these guys did as well – and it shows in the pictures!
2016-04-29 Fagan Family042_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family038_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family037_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family031_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family030_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family028_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family025_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family024_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family021_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family019_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family016_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family012_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family010_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family005_WEB2016-04-29 Fagan Family001_WEB

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