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Summer family photo session in Wyckoff

In this edition of Throw Back Thursday I bring you a summer family photo session that I did with a great family in Wyckoff – enjoy!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may noticed that I often write how much I loved a certain session or a family… and it may sound redundant when I say that time and time again but it does not make it any less true – I do love my families and the images I create for them.

Case in point is family/session – this was my first family photo shoot with them but I’ve known them for a while –  big sister S. is my Alexa’s best friend and because our kids get along so well we met up with the parents and would not you know – we get along great with them so now we are family friends!  And if that was not perfect enough – they also have a wheaten terrier and you know that since getting our Millie I’ve been obsessed with all things dog related:)

It seems that every parent comes to a photo session worried about their kids ‘behaving’ and I always reassure them that kids just need to be themselves – they don’t need to pose or smile on command at their photo sessions with me.   And once parents let go of their expectations of that their children should be doing we all start to have fun!

At this Wyckoff family photo shoot the parents were relaxed from the very beginning and their mood reflected in their kids.  The kids were being kids – happy, silly, loud, loving and I got to capture just that.  And while every family session I photograph is unique in its own way, what is common among all my family photo sessions is that I capture emotions and love and it makes me so happy to do that!

Looking at these images makes me smile and what’s even more important it made these parents smile:)  At their viewing/ordering session there were so may ‘awwwwws’ and at the end this Mom told me that these photographs were exactly what she wanted captured.  And to me there is no higher praise than that!

2016-07-13 Hoffman Family002_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family003_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family004_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family007_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family008_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family009_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family010_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family011_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family012_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family014_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family016_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family018_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family023_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family025_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family026_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family028_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family029_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family031_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family033_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family034_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family035_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family037_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family038_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family041_WEB2016-07-13 Hoffman Family044_WEB

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Family fun at a farm | Mahwah family photo session at Secor Farms

I consider myself a very lucky photographer because a lot of my families come back to me year after year after year.  I love developing relationships with them, having our own inside jokes, watching kids grow and being there to document big and small milestones.  And eventually the line between being clients and friends gets blurrier and blurrier and each photoshoot feels more like hanging out with friends than working.  Such is the case with this family – this is their fourth family session with me and it may sound cliche but I really look forward to seeing them every year!  For this year’s photoshoot we decided to do something different and have their family photo session at a farm.  It may not be easy to find a working farm in the middle of Bergen County to have a family session at but since I am so awesome and go above and beyond for my clients I did just that!  And not only were we able to have a session at a farm but we were able to do it before it was open to the public so we had the whole place to ourselves!

I think this was one of my favorite family sessions I’ve done in a long time – it was just so much FUN!  The kids loved running around on a farm, playing in a pumpkin patch and exploring not one but TWO corn mazes!  And to top it all off there were piping hot apple cider donuts that waited for them at the end of a photo session:)



These guys always order the same canvas collage and they always display it in the same spot in their house.  Each year they replace it with a new one and ‘re-allocate’ old canvases elsewhere.  This Mom told me that it makes her really happy walking up the stairs and seeing a fresh collection of their images displayed there year after year.  And it makes me very happy coming to their house and seeing their happy images from the last four years displayed all over the house!


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Boys, boys, boys | fun photo session in Ridgewood

“What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails
That’s what little boys are made of.”

This nursery rhyme is very appropriate for this Ridgewood family photo session I had a few weeks ago.  What do you get when you combine 8.5 twin boys and a 6 month old puppy who is bursting with energy?  You get a lot of running, jumping, general goofing around, silly jokes and funny faces.  But you also get some soulful conversations, thoughtful looks and  long eye lashes.  And I loved that 1) I was able to get natural smiles from both boys despite the fact that the Mom told me that she was not sure if that was at all possible 2) the boys ended up having lots of fun and 3) the Mom loved all images and kept saying how amazed she was at the outcome!


Lena Antaramian is a Bergen County family photographer with a natural light photography studio located in Ridgewood Northern New Jersey.  If you are looking for an outdoor family photo session and a studio holiday or Christmas session for your kids in Bergen county reach out to us.

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Fall family pictures in Ridgewood | Bergen County family photographer

I first met this family over a year ago when they came to me for a summer family photo session last year.   This year they wanted to do something different so they booked their family photoshoot for October – when foliage is usually at its peak – that’s the most popular time for family pictures.  Dad did an amazing job picking out cozy fall outfits for the entire family!  What we did not anticipate was that it would be 80 degrees in the middle of October!  The kids and their parents were great sports though and rocked their fall outfits like champs.  We did have a blast together – despite being boiling hot – and that joy does come through the pictures!

ridgewood-family-photo-session001ridgewood-family-photo-session002ridgewood-family-photo-session003ridgewood-family-photo-session005ridgewood-family-photo-session006ridgewood-family-photo-session007ridgewood-family-photo-session009ridgewood-family-photo-session011ridgewood-family-photo-session013ridgewood-family-photo-session016ridgewood-family-photo-session017ridgewood-family-photo-session020ridgewood-family-photo-session022ridgewood-family-photo-session023ridgewood-family-photo-session025Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos has been photographing children and families since 2008.  She is an award-winning professional Bergen County photographer known for lifestyle approach to family photo sessions.  With a natural light photography studio located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Lena Antaramian offers studio photo sessions in addition to on-location photo shoots.  If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture your family this holiday season reach out to us.

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Photographing Ridgewood sisters | Bergen County studio photography session

Apparently this family only had one ‘professional’ photo session – when big sister A. was a few months old and her Mom took her to one of the mall photography studio places to get pictures.  The way her Mom describes it, it was not a very pleasant (or relaxing) experience – the baby cried all the time, the Mom had to hold her while wearing Santa Gloves (the session was during Christmas time) and the images did not come out that great – with a wrinkly crying baby (Mom’s words, not mine).  Needless to say these images are not displayed anywhere in their house.

So when this Mom scheduled a studio photo session with me she really did not have much expectations.  The girls came to my Ridgewood studio and that’s where all the fun started – they were funny and easy going and I had a blast getting to know them and making them laugh.  And then we headed outside and proceeded with our sessions in a cool spot that’s very close to my studio – the color of the background matched their beautiful blue eyes perfectly!

When Mom saw these images at the studio during her viewing/ordering session she was very surprised – I guess her mall studio experience did not prepare her for the world of custom photography:)  She cried upon seeing the images – needless to say she absolutely loved them.  And I know that images from this session will be proudly displayed in their home!




Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is a professional children and photography photographer.  She has been in the photography business since 2008 and have worked with numerous families in Bergen County and NYC metro area to create beautiful portraits of their children and families.  If you are looking for a Bergen County professional photographer this holiday season please reach out to us – on location and Ridgewood studio photography sessions are available.

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