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Bergen county toddler studio photo session | Ridgewood photographer

Can I just say how much I love photographing babies ands toddlers at my Ridgewood photography studio? I may be a tiny bit subjective but I think my studio is perfect for that!  It’s got great natural light, comfortable furniture, great colored walls (that photograph really well) and yummy snacks – what else can a toddler possibly want? 🙂  And it is very conveniently located in Bergen county – in Ridgewood right on the border with Hohokus!  So if you are looking to do a photo session with your baby and toddler somewhere in Bergen county or Northern New Jersey – definitely check it out:)

I loved meeting this sweet two year old boy for his milestone session.  He came with his favorite stuffed animal and his book and was a charm to photograph – I adored his mischievous smiles and his pouty lips:)  And I think that an acrylic print his Mom ordered with one of his pictures will look absolutely amazing in their home!

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Birthday weekend in NYC

Given that we all love to travel we always go away on the girls’ birthday – sometimes it is a long trip (think sunny Caribbean) and other times it is a weekend get-away.  This year the girls birthday fell at the tail end of a school break and after spending close to a week skiing we decided that finishing up the week and celebrating Mia and Alexa’s birthday with a weekend stay in the city was the way to go.  We told them that they needed to plan it out and that we would do everything they wanted – all my kids wanted to do was to go to Central Park and to a museum! And that’s just what we did!

My kids LOVE Central Park and no matter how many times they’ve been there, they always have a blast!  Our hotel was right on Central Park South so after an early check in we went to explore the park.  The weather gods smiled at us – it was 60+ degrees at the end of February – a perfect day to explore.

There was a long discussion among them regarding which museum to go to – Natural History (Mia’s preference) or the Met (Alexa’s choice – she is a bit obsessed with Percy Jackson books and wanted to check our the Greek section).  Their negotiations did not go far as they got distracted playing chess and climbing every rock there was.

For a brief moment they agreed to go to Central Park zoo but changed their minds once we got there and wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland statue; they climbed on every statue they saw on the way there:)

After spending to close to 5 hours in the park we got back to the hotel, changed and headed over to dinner  at one of our old favs – Rue 57 (their clams are to die for!)

And after dinner was time for the girls birthday present – their first broadway show!  I chose Aladdin and we all LOVED it!

And the next morning there was gift unwrapping :

skype call with their cousins:

a carriage ride through the park:

And tea at the Plaza!


And we ended this birthday weekend with a quick trip to Brooklyn to my parents to pick up Millie, get more birthday presents and eat a birthday cake lovingly made by my Mom!  When we asked the girls which birthday weekend they liked better – this weekend in the city or last year’s birthday weekend to Grey Wolf Lodge they both said that staying in the city was their favorite!  They are my children after all:)

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Photoshoot with a two year old at a Ridgewood studio

This is a second time I got to photograph this beautiful little girl!  I first met her last year when her Mom brought her to my Ridgewood photography studio for her one-year-old portraits.  I was so amazed to see how much she grew and changed in just a year!  Is not it amazing that as an adult I don’t change at all (ha!) from year to year and yet when I see kids that I photographer every year for their annual portraits they change so much!

This C. was just bursting with personality – she was happy and silly and cute all at the same time!  I always tell parents to bring toys, books or other items that have a special significance to them and to the kids and this Mom brought these adorable wooden ducks.  They photograph really add (I just love the pop of color they add to the pictures).  But the coolest thing is that this girl’s Grandpa made them for her!  How cool is that?!

Bergen county children  photographerFranklin Lakes photography studioNew Jersey photography studio2016-02-11 Clare Miller-Jones07_WEB2016-02-11 Clare Miller-Jones08_WEB2016-02-11 Clare Miller-Jones09_WEBRidgewood children photographer2016-02-11 Clare Miller-Jones12_WEB2016-02-11 Clare Miller-Jones14_WEBProfessional photographer in Fair Lawn

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Fall photo session of my girls | Ridgewood children photographer

I was so behind trying to catch up on blogging children and family photoshoots from my clients that I completely forgot to blog this fall photoshoot of my own two kids!  Now (at the end of February) seems like a great time to do it, so here it is:)

I have to come out and say it – I find photographing my own kids stressful.  I am very easy going with other children and I make family sessions lots of fun – you can see what a family session is like with me here.  But I think because I may have high expectations of my own kids (after all, they’ve been in front of a camera since the day they were born!) or because for them I am not an exciting and fun stranger but ‘old and boring mom’, I don’t particularly enjoy doing a ‘proper’ photoshoot of my girls.  Because of the amount of stress (AND bribery) involved, I only do ‘proper’ photoshoots of my girls only three times a year – for their birthdays, in the summer at the beach and in the fall.   But I do have to say that I do love the OUTCOME of these photoshoots and after the stress of what’s involved in them wears off, I am thrilled to have images that capture my children.

This was the case with our fall photo shoot – the girls were being kids and did not really follow any of my artistic direction.  But they were being their silly selves and I did capture images that to this day put a smile on my face:)  Hope they will make you smile as well:)

2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_13_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_17_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_18_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_21_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_27_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_1_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_3_WEB2015-10-23 Wyckoff photoshoot_11_WEB

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Weekend in the City

I LOVE New York and do miss it.  So ever since we moved to Ridgewood, every year for my birthday Victor and I leave the girls in care of their very capable grand-parents and spend a weekend in the city.  I love these weekend get-aways – it is so nice to be a care-free couple again (even if it is only for a couple of days), explore different areas of the city, walk everywhere, check out our favorite restaurants and spots.

This year was no exception – even though we were ‘away’ for just a bit over 24 hours, it was awesome.  Since we lived downtown, every time we go back I prefer to stay there – my New York is south of 23 street:)  So this year we stayed in Soho at Soho Mondrian – which was such an awesome hotel – cool and modern with a funky white/blue decor, floor to ceiling windows with city views and true to the times – an iPad in every room!

We had lunch at a cute restaurant in Soho and walked exploring Greenwich Village (which is always near and dear to my heart as I went to NYU and our campus was right in the heart of the Village!), Bowery, ChinaTown and Soho.

We saw colorful characters:

 checked out a developing news story and saw lots of press:

photographed beautiful buildings:

and pretty things:

 and manuscripts:

 saw local artists selling their art:

Came across a very interesting exhibit at The Hole:

and pretty awesome wall murals:

We napped, talked about everything under the sun, ate more yummy food, slept in, had an outrageously expensive (but very good!) breakfast and headed back home.  Just 26 hours and about just as many miles away from Ridgewood and the girls – but it felt like an all together different world.  What a wonderful birthday weekend it was!

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