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Family Session at the Beach

A couple of weeks ago we spent a week in Ocean City, New Jersey and it was according to the girls ‘the best vacation EVER!”  It was so relaxing and laid back and all four of us had a great time!  I will do a separate post about it later on but in the meantime wanted to share a few (well, a LOT because I had a hard time narrowing them down!) images from a beach family photo shoot I did of Victor and the girls.  We went to the same spot last last year and I purposely tried to capture similar images as I did back then – I love seeing how much they’ve changed!

I love love love this image with the seagulls and the calmness of the ocean and even Alexa’ pouty face:)

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Beach babies

I was slacking off in the blog department but for a good reason – we were away at Ocean City, New Jersey for our annual family beach vacation.  It was so relaxing and laid back (except for the time when I tried to do a ‘proper’ photo shoot of the girls) and we had a great time!  I have hundreds of pictures to sort through and process but here is a quick preview – love this one of Mia and Alexa!

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Our family vacation – Part I

This was our second time at the ‘Shore’ with the girls, and what an awesome trip it was!  After the girls were born my definition of an ‘awesome’ trip has changed quite a bit.  When we were kids-free a.k.a. responsibility-free, an awesome trip was tracking elephants in South Africa, diving into clear water off our bungalow in Bora Bora, staying at a Heritage Hotel in a remote village in India, scuba diving in Australia.

Now an awesome trip is a week at the Shore, in ‘dry’ Ocean City NJ,  teaching girls how to swim at the pool, hearing them giggle as they dare to go into the ocean for the first time, doing puzzles with them at our temporary ‘home’, introducing them to funnel cake and cotton candy… It was one of my favorite vacations; so many times I caught myself looking at the girls and Victor and thinking about just how lucky I am because they were mine.

I love lifestyle photography because it works so great for documenting every day moments like that.  I think it will be so nice for the girls to look back at this time and have these fond memories of


Going to the Amusement Park for the first time, where I screamed in terror on a kiddie roller coaster ride while both the girls cheered with joy!

hanging out on the beach and building sand castles:

and doing a ‘silly dance’ with Daddy:

working on  ‘Pinkalicous’ puzzles:

 jumping on beds:

admiring and eating all sorts of deep fried deliciousness:

and even going to ‘off the beaten track’ museums:

I also did a little beach family photoshoot with the girls while we were in Ocean City.  I am working on these images now and will be posting them shortly!

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