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Warmth In Winter

I met this family on a cold and grey day but the second I stepped into their house I was enveloped by their warmth.   They are the type of family that you instantly connect with and feel like you’ve known them forever.

They are blessed with THREE beautiful girls who were such a pleasure to photograph.  The older two braved the cold for some outdoors portraits before running back in to warm up.

They are completely in love with the new addition to the family – you could see it in their eyes when they look at her, when the hold her, how her older sisters ‘argue’ about who gets to hold the little one first… I love the expression on the parents faces on this image:

And here is the ‘glamor shot’ as her parents call it – she is absolutely stunning!

And this image – pure joy!

People often ask me about what it is like to have a photography session in the winter.   Winter sessions are quite different from sessions when the weather is nice because most of them take place indoors in clients homes.  And that’s a great opportunity for you and your family to just be themselves, do what you normally do – play games, laugh, tickle each other – and allow me to capture that.  I believe it is those images of the ‘real’ you  is what you will treasure the most!

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